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Salmon and saturated fat

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Hello all,  I am wondering why my Dr advised me to eat salmon and at the same time said to watch the saturated fat.  I am confused because one serving of salmon contains more than my goal of 10% or less of saturated fat.  Could it be that salmon fat is good and not to be counted as fat?  Is that possible?
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Everyone needs to eat some saturated fat. That being said I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers from. 3 oz of salmon only has between 1-3g of saturated fat depending on the species.
Thank you for responding.  You are right that 3oz of salmon has 1-3 g of saturated fat but the nutrition lable says this is 11%.  I think I need help!  If I am eating 1400 cal a day and the guidline I am using for fat is the ADA's suggestion of 30% total fat, 10% saturated fat and 300 mg of cholestrol per day how do I determine how many grams of sat fat is 10%?  Is it 1400 X 10% = 140 grams?  If this is how it works then I have been way wrong for quite a while.

My lipid profile several months ago indicated that I am at very high risk.  That's why I started counting everything. 
Thank you!  These are excellent web sites and exactly what I needed to know.
You are welcome... :)
Thank you also, Brighteyes!... I have been wondering about that myself... Perfect. :) 

You can also check out the following article, which answers the question of how much fat should I eat per day?

Original Post by tugar:

Thank you for responding.  You are right that 3oz of salmon has 1-3 g of saturated fat but the nutrition lable says this is 11%. 

This means that the salmon contains 11% of the recommended daily limit on saturated fat.  So, you shouldn't eat more than nine 3oz pieces of salmon per day if you want to stay under that limit.  Of course, there are better reasons than that not to eat nine(!) pieces of salmon on the same day.  :-)

You're doctor is out of date - saturated fat has recently been shown NOT to cause heart disease. ajor-studies-conclude-that-saturated-fat-does -not-cause-heart-disease/

A better question would be, why are you asking your doctor for Nutrition advice?  Doctors aren't Nutritionists.  On top of that, you need 3x more healthy saturated fat in your diet then unsaturated.  I wouldn't eat too much salmon.  Have a nice grass fed steak instead.

Salmon is an INCREDIBLE food and so incredibly healthy, it is in abundance! I eat it pretty much every single day and could care less about the fat content because it's such healthy fat, I know every bite that I eat is helping my body out in some way, I love thinking that way when I eat food, which is why eating healthy ROCKS!

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Follow the dr's advice and eat the salmon. Cut the sat fat by dropping the usual suspects - deep fried anything, most restaurant foods, rich cream sauces, cookies, cakes, and most other pastries.

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Your doc may have been thinking about omega-3's and omega-9's.

They're both very important in our diet, but unfortunately, since more and more salmon sold in the U.S has been raised on 'farms' and fed a diet of corn, there isn't much of those healthy fats in the fish anymore.

You can get omega-3's from walnuts and flaxseeds, and omega-9's are in avocados.

Funny that the saturated fat ends up being 1/3 of total fats allowed....basically an equal split between sat/mono/poly and I wonder why they don't just say to consume an equal amount of all fats, instead imply saturated fat should be reduced. The problem with that is, we shouldn't consume that much polyunsaturated fat.....they just haven't figured that out

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