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does salmon make you queasy?

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I like  salmon okay and I figured I should try to get some in my diet since it's supposed to be so good for you. I found a lean cuisine(salmon with basil) that looked healthy so I gave it a try.I didn't love it, but it was not bad.  Thing is, after I ate it I got to feeling a bit like I wanted to barf. Not like totally sick but just kinda icky. I've noticed this before after eating salmon and I wondered if anyone else has experienced this. My husband won't eat it because he says it makes him feel the same way.
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Well, if you rarely have salmon or never have eaten it, you may feel a bit queasy. This can also apply to any meat. On St. Patricks day I tried corned beef (I haven't had beef in over 7 years), and I felt very queasy. I couldn't finish it. Perhaps it's the same thing.
Yeah I eat it only very rarely. Pretty expensive by the pound but then the amount I got in the lean cuisine was pretty small.  I guess I could keep at it.  Maybe I'll get used to it.
It could also have to do with the quality of salmon/beef you're eating. I find if I eat anything that has a lot of artificial flavouring or preservatives in it I generally feel pretty sick afterwards. 
lean cuisine + salmon = me getting queasy.  If you really want to include salmon in your diet buy some skinless fillets and broil them with some teriyaki or, my wife's favorite, Sweet and Spicy Tabasco.
teriyaki sounds good.  Is it better to go with farmed or wild?
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I love salmon, but I always get queasy when I eat it. Same with other fatty fish, like mackerel.

I always bake the salmon in the oven with a bit of olive oil and herbs & a squeeze of lemon, very basic. And it's always skinless and boneless.

But still get queasy, even worse if it's baked in butter. My stomach just doesn't do well with fatty things.


Got food poisoning from bad salmon once and avoided it for years. Now I can't get enough of it. Had to ease my way back by eating it in sushi, go figure.

I highly doubt it was the salmon that was making you quesey.. it was more likely due to one of the other hundred mystery ingredients in the "Lean Cuisine" dinner. 

Don't buy those things. Ever... They are pretty much 50% healthy food: 50% chemicals, preservatives, sodium, and fillers that negate any benefit that the healthy ingredients provided in the first place. 

Make you own meals so you know what you are actually eating. It is your responsibility to know what goes in your food. It doesn't matter what the nutrition label says (fats, protein, carbs.. etc), if the ingredient label is an essay worth of chemicals, preservatives, sugar, unhealthy fats, and any thing that you can't pronounce or know what it is then put it down and back away

Zombie salmon... who'd'a thunk it?

Try cooking your own salmon from scratch! It shouldn't make you feel that way. I wouldn't trust Lean Cuisine... even if it's low calories.

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