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Salba bread?

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Okay, so my mothers and I favourite bread is this one called Salba bread from the supermarket. On the side it says things like, 2.6x more potassium than a banana and other things including calcium, omega 3, iron and fibre. But on the nutritional facts at the back it doesn't have any of those. I thought it would be a good thing to get good vitamins and stuff, I tried looking online and they didn't seem to have it! Anybody heard of this bread before? Or any ideas how to probably put it into my food log?

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Is the brand Udi's? Salba is a type of grain that is naturally gluten-free; it's not a brand.

Edit: and companies aren't required to include potassium and omega-3s in their nutrition info.

Salba is chia seeds that cost 4x as much simply because of the brand name.

Chia/Salba seeds are what would make the bread high in calcium, fiber, and omega 3 (well a poor source of omega 3, but we wont get into that)... So unless the bread is made out of 100% Salba (aka chia seeds) it likely has other things in it that would dilute the nutritional value of the seeds.

Your best bet is to just by chia seeds and avoid paying an arm and a leg for Salba brand bread


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