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Is it safe to eat fried eggs, or anything fried actually?

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I've had fried eggs for breakfast a few times in the last week .I wonder if it's safe to eat fried eggs with some regularity, or other fried foods. Of course I'm not completely pigging out on fried foods, I used only 1 tablespoon of oil each time I fried the eggs, and I only at them twice this week.

I used olive oil by the way.

So what's the general consensus on oils and using them to fry foods?



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Instead of frying the eggs, try this... Using a good non-stick pan.

Spray the pan with Pam or other non -stick cooking spray.

Get the pan hot and then crack the egg. It should start turning white immediately, once its completely white and still a little yolk-y on top carefully flip it over and finish cooking to your liking -personally i like mine runny and this works just fine.

Its still like a fried egg, but no oil! I throw a dash of salt and pepper on mine and then make a sandwich with them.

I think you seem to be on the right track.  You need fats in your diet anyway, and if you are going to have fat it might as well be from olive oil.  If you are doing the CC then just log the oil that you use and remain within your acceptable range.  If you are really worried about the calories, just eat the whites (11 calories, no fat).  Add low cal veggies and mushrooms, and you get a filling meal with little to no saturated fat and cholesterol.  Lol, i have yet to try this because I have just started dieting myself.   But I will strive to stay fed and happy so I can maintain my weight loss (2 lbs gone already after 1.5 weeks) and not fall back into old bad habits.

Oils are great.  You need oils in your diet to be healthy and olive oils have lots of nutritional benefits.  Frying isn't 'unsafe' per se and egg yolks aren't either.  Control the amount of oil you use... a teaspoon at a time is usually plenty... and you'll be fine.
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tell me, how do you fry eggs with that little oil? because mine always stick unless I use quite a lot :\

my mum always taught me to use loads!

I use 1 tsp of olive oil in a cast iron frying pan for 2-3 eggs. Works fine.  I have a vegetable omelette 1-3 days a week.  If it fits into your calories, it's good for you!

I fry an egg in one pat of butter.  How much different is that than olive oil?  Some, but not much.  What's the health difference between a fried egg and a boiled egg?  Just the butter or oil.  No need to freak out.

as far as calorie counting goes you might consider 1 whole large egg 75 cal. and 1 large egg white only 16 cal. I usually make scrambled eggs for the family now 2 to 1 whites to whole eggs and shaves so many cal and you still get some of richness  and it's pretty much reg. whole egg color.

I stay away from unnatural oil products like cooking spray and margarine. Agree a pat of butter or a tbs of oil won't hurt.
Every Saturday and Sunday I eat 5 large eggs with only the egg whites, a little over a half cup of lean ham, and an apple or some Grapes. Since the egg whites have next to nothing in them I eat more of them and they fill me up good, plus it starts my day off high in protein. Oh and the pam thing is the way to go. I say skip the Olive Oil at all costs. Sure there are reasons to eat Olive oil because it is pretty good for you but why take on more fat in a meal when you know that you have the whole day to have fat sneak into your meals??? I pay attention right down to the very last fat gram so even a teaspoon of oil makes a huge difference in my daily percentages. The eggs are good either way so skip the Olive Oil and allow your self to take on that extra fat at lunch instead of starting your day off behind the 8 ball!!!
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