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How do you get rid of CC's food recommendations?

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CC keeps telling me I should consider eating boiled brussels sprouts. I really hate them and would like to be able to delete the recommendation. Is there a way?

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I always get the same recommendation, and I don't like brussel sprouts either.  After months now, I've learned to ignore it.  It also recommends someone's Branded apple - and I have no idea what brand that is.  An apple brand?  Shrug.

Same here. Brussel sprouts and Gatorade. :/ Why Gatorade, I have no idea.

It doesn't always give you what you want, or what is the healthiest choice either.

I drink skim milk and it reccomends me 2%.

I eat dark chocolate and it recommends me milk chocolate.

It's just spitting out ideas of different foods that are realated in someway to your normal food choices. Just trying to give you a better variety. y no means is it saying you have to eat these foods, or that you will loose weight faster - or be healthier by eating those foods 

OK, I'm going to ask the opposite question:   how do you even get CC recommendations (I've never noticed such a thing)?

Am I just completely oblivious?

I know you are trying to get rid of them... and I'm not sure I really want them (grin)... but I am curious as to what you are even talking about.

Where do you find this feature?

Thanks in advance.  Maybe I have it and I am just good at tuning it out.


The food suggestions are located under "my account" and the "my account home" tab. Scroll down and it's just under the calorie coach. It will list foods that you like and then on the right side give suggestions. So, because I like cream in my coffee, CC think I should also try heavy whipping cream!

Oh, and you can also see that there is a "food recommendations" tab beside the "my account home" tab (click on the "my account tab first").

i enter "apples" and it recommends "Wegman's - Apple". ha

ewwxroflzz - I'm not sure where you're from, but Wegman's is a huge grocery store chain in Central NY State.. nothing more than that, as far as I know

yeah i'm in dallas and we don't have a wegman's here. just to see what would happen i logged the wegman's apple. i got "Apples" in my recommendation :P

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