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Rice Diet?? Please Help

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Hey everyone. I am wondering if any of you have ever tried the rice diet? I am thinking about going on it, and I Decided to ask you guys about it first because your all health experts! :D

If you need a link here ya go.... /ricediet.html
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The major problem with the rice diet is its lack of protien.  It is basically non-existent.  You should not do this diet.  You will loose muscle as your needs protien and it will take it from you if you omit it from your diet.
The rice diet doesn't look so bad as a sample, it seems to mainly focus on whole foods and portion control. Here is a sample of the recommended food list: /portions.html It doesn't seem much different than any diet recommendation that encourages and focuses on natural whole raw or mostly raw foods.

I would suggest using it as a guideline, especially the advice about sodium.  You want to aim for a ratio of 40-50% carbs, 25-35% protein and 25-30% fat, with 2500 mg of sodium or less and 25 grams of fiber or more, per day. This information can be found after entering food into your food log on this site, then using the Analysis feature to view percentage ratios.

If you need some additional examples, I have some grocery lists and samples of my own daily diet listed in my diet log. I aim for a 1200-1300 calorie per day diet.  I use this list when planning my grocery shopping: The World's Healthiest Foods

Foods high Protein:

Boiled egg whites (3-6 per day), 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese (every day), Spinach, Brocolli, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Tuna, Lamb, Adzuki beans, black beans, Special K Soy Protein cereal every morning, Skim Milk, Organic crunchy peanut butter, Blanched Almonds, Tofu, Broccoli

Good luck!
My old roommate did a brown rice diet (as a cleanser) and he said while it worked great and he felt better once it was done... he felt a bit light headed (from the lack of nutrients) and had a hard time concentrating on things.
Personally, I wouldn't do any diet that basically mimics the diet of impoverished people in the 3rd world. On principle. It just doesn't seem like a winning idea to me.
Zeppocat, if you look at the food recommendations, it actually contains a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Including soy milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, fresh fish, beans, whole grain and plenty of nutritional fresh produce that would never be found in a third world country.

Take a look, /portions.html

Basically it is a type of Vegan diet.
Vegans don't eat cottage cheese or yogurt... no animal products at all.
oh. well. okay. The name's misleading.

But then, how do you get vitamin D? do you take a supplement?
Sorry about that, Vegan, Vegetarian and all the variation, I get mixed up. Basically, it is some dietary recommendation that focuses on mostly whole foods, mostly raw, with dairy and fish. I mean you could call it something similar to the Nearing Diet, after Helen Nearing, who wrote the book, "The Good Life".  But it is not really that either, maybe some health nut can come along and give us the proper term. =)

Vitamin D can be found in milk, eggs, fortified rice or soy beverage, fortified margarine, salmon, tuna, and fortified cottage cheese.

It seems that at least a couple of those items were on the food list. And yes, I would agree, "Rice Diet" is a very misleading term, which is why I referred to the recommended food list: /portions.html

It's not a bad guideline or starting point if you are looking for a list of healthy nutritional foods. Personally, I prefer the list I recommended, not only does it have a very comprehensive list of healthy foods, it goes into details as to why those foods are good choices.
Personally, the rice diet would never work for me, since I'm asian and I usually overeat rice.

That really didn't help to the conversation... oh well.
The name is deceiving. It actually contains a lot of fruit and veggies and not very much rice at all. Check the food list.
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