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alright, so I've heard that rice cakes are supposedly bad for you because of the high G.I. But, I have rice cakes here, where the only ingredient is whole grain brown rice.  it is only 30 cals a cake, no fat of any kind, no sugar, no sodium, no chol., no fiber and only has 7 carbs. Are the kind I have ok to eat a couple of a day or no?? 
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White rice has a high GI. Brown rice does not.

Well it depends, are you following a low GI diet? I mean there are a ton of things that the glycemic index would tell us not to eat including corn, apples, oranges, carrots, and so on and so on and so on.

Rice cakes are awesome with peanut butter, a little flavored cream cheese, some jelly, anything really, so go for it. Those brown rice cakes are the better choice if you're going to have them. You can even crumble them up in some milk as cereal if you're not into the sweet stuff they sell in the store.

Yumyum makes me want one! 

You an make the overall meal low Gi by what you put on it, tuna, peanut butter, cheese and so on. The main event is rarely the cracker alone any way and they make a perfect platform for any snack

i have a similar question.  the truth is, rice cakes ARE really high gi.  brown rice really doesn't have a lower glycemic index than white rice, though most people think it does bec of the fiber content.  (see the 6th question down in this article.)  but actually, only soluble fiber decreases glycemic index; click on "faq's" on the glycemic index website for details.

what i'm wondering:  why don't quaker rice cakes, for example, have any fiber in them?  if they're made w/brown rice, where's the brown rice's fiber?  i know that some rice cakes do have fiber, but those also have many more calories.  if anyone can explain this, i'd appreciate it.

caloriecountingme- i'm positive is because they've been heavily processed to become rice cakes from rice-kinda like rice crispie treats.

I personally hate rice cakes.  They're like eating crunchy air to me.  :|

veganpancake, thanks for the response.  i'm sayin':  if the processing has removed the outer layer of the rice kernel, then it's not brown rice--it's white rice.  and the ingredient listed should be white rice, not brown. 

rice krispie treats are made from rice krispies, and even they list "rice" as the ingredient, not brown rice (+ sugar and other nonsense).  check it: 

i love rice cakes...and usually buy the lundberg toasted sesame ones.  the ingredients are pretty simple: whole grain brown rice, sesame seeds, sea salt, brown rice syrup.

each rice cake has 2 grams of protein, 1g of fiber, and 70 calories.  i usually have one with peanut butter as a snack.

i use them instead of bread for tuna or pb sandwiches. the other day i made a rice cake sandwich with peanut butter and slices of pear. YUM.

The reason rice cakes have a high GI is because they are puffed. The large surface area (nooks and crannies) allows digestive juices to break down the starch into sugar quickly.

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