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Red vs. White Kidney Beans

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I have a recipe for flourless muffins that requires the ingredient of white kidney beans (cannellini).

I already have a can of red kidneys in the cupboard, and to save money and use up what I have I was considering using these instead. But I wanted to check first, so I don't screw up the recipe. Is there any taste/texture difference between these 2 beans, or is the only difference in the color?

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The only real difference is the colour.


I find the skins on the red ones to be a little tougher than the white beans.  But it shouldn't make much difference in your recipes, except for appearance.

Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and bought the white beans, as I did more research, some sites said that the darker the color of the bean, the more bold the flavor is. That kinda scared me.. I don't think I want my muffins to taste like kidney beans. lol Tongue out

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