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Red Potato vs. White Potato - Which is the best/healthiest potato?

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Ok, so today a coworker of mine bought some Jojo's in to work and was sweet enough to share them with me. I ate about 5 wedges and tried my best to refrain from eating anymore because I'm trying to keep away from potatoes as much as possible simply because of their outrageous carbohydrate content which I know is okay as long as it's in moderation.

Anywho... I LOVE potatoes. I've been able to live without them for a few months because I just haven't bought them, so they aren't anywhere around my house or anything, but now I've been craving them. So... if ever I crave them again, which potato should I use?

I actually plan on making baked potato SKINS instead of the whole potato itself, which will save me carbs and calories but still satisfy my potato craving.

Which type of potato shall I skin? Red or white? Which is the healthiest type of potato out there?

Thank you.
Love and Alohas

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I'm not positive but I think Russet is the healthier kind.
I read an article recently that talked about the only real difference between the different types of potatos are the starch vs waxy consitencies or content.  Russet potatoes are a high starch potato, while red potatos are a waxier potato.  Now this article was geared at the uses and how to cook potatoes so I don't know if that info is really helpful.

However, potatoes are still a vegetable so they are good for you (unless they are fried) and eating a baked potato now and then (red or white) will help increase your daily fiber intake as well as your daily protein by almost 7 grams each!  I try to eat a baked potato or potato salad at least once a week.

Keeping the skin on is a good idea because that's where most of the nutrients are.  Hope that helps.
A general rule where produce is concerned: the darker, the better.

The healthiest potato of all is the sweet potato, if that'll satisfy your craving! It's packed with nutrients and has a low GI.

Or purple potatoes! I found those at a natural food store this summer and they are packed with the same antioxidants as blueberries, but taste just as good or better than any white or red potato. They're purple on the outside and blue inside when raw but turn purple after cooking. I made a ratatouille with sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, yellow, purple and orange carrots, red and orange bell peppers, red onions, etc, etc... It was by far the most naturally colorful thing I've ever created or eaten, and super delicious too!

Here's a picture of the purple potatoes:

Purple potatoes!

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