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Raw eggs v.s. hard boiled eggs?

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Okay, so I'm a little baffled about the raw egg and hard boiled egg information that is available in the food browser area.

Nutritional facts for raw egg:
1 cup (243.0)g raw egg has:
Calories: 117
Calories from fat: 4

Hard boiled egg:
1 cup, chopped(136.0)g
Calories: 211
Calories from fat:130

My question is, how come there are more calories in the hard boiled egg when it weighs less then the raw egg? Do the calorie amounts really change that much when you cook something v.s. raw and why does it increase?

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Ugg.. okay sorry for the confusion everyone, I was clicking on the "egg white, raw, fresh" information instead of whole, please disregard Embarassed

Pfft, no worries! I've had the same thing happen to me when I was checking out raw meat vs cooked and etc. I'd also encourage you to ignore the "egg, whole, cooked, scrambled" since it assumes you are cooking with oil.

Having been on this site since 2007 (on another username) I find that I prefer to type in my own stuff when logging rather than depending on CC's food database since it is more accurate as far as calories and nutrition go.

I kind of have the same question lol. I prefer boiled eggs to scrambled because there is less fat. I also don't eat the yolks (I do this mostly because all the "bad stuff" in eggs come from the yolk)...but I can't find boiled egg I just go by egg white, raw. I know it's a little off topic...but I share your pain about not finding exactly what I want when I search for food nutrition! I completely agree with kittyanarchy though, I enter anything manual if I have enough info on the food.

You are wrong to be avoiding the yolks. They are much more nutritious than the whites. If you leave out any part of the egg, it should be the whites. Here is a chart comparing the different amount of nutrients in the whites versus the yolk: k.html

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