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Raw egg whites... safe?

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Hi all, just a quick one
Today I', haveing a smoothie post gym. But I'm on a low-fat low lactose diet, so I've planned a banana, soy icecream and soy milk. I dont have rotein powder, but I need more protein (as so far, its only about 5-7g) I heard some people add egg white to smoothies, but is that safe? Its raw. Or is there another common ingredient I can add to the mix (i cant get out to the shops, but I can see what I have here)
Does anyone do this? Does it taste ok?
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I wouldnt do it unless the eggs are pasterized
from what I hear, salmonella bacteria only resides within egg whites not yolks -- this is why its safe to eat sunny-side up fried eggs but notice the whites are always cooked
egg whites are however high in protein and I heard that nowadays it is very rare to get sick from salmonella -- chance is 1 in 50000 or so I'm not exactly sure so I guess if you wanna take the risk go ahead
or you can add egg substitute..
I got conflicting results from the net. One site said dont do it every day - build up of something that the yolk usually helps digest, but every second day is ok at max. So I did it as a one-off. I will buy some egg replacer later, and not do it until then. I just had 2 doz egg in the fridge to use. Didnt make me sick, but then again 1 in 50000 or so.

why dont you just boil some eggs and eat the whites after a workout? ew i cant imagine drinkin it. yuck.
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I have been putting one egg white in each protien shake, just to have different protien sources in each intake.  I can't taste it at all, and have not felt any negative side effects.  I raise my own chickens for eggs, so I know that they are healthy and don't worry about disease.
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I was just reading about raw egg whites and according to some Med Schools, raw egg whites can eliminate the Biotin (30 mcg) that you need to turn food into energy. n/factsheets/biotin.html

Type in, What is Biotin, in your browers and you will come up with a lot of websites.

30 mcg of Biotin is one of adult women's  Recommended Daily Requirement RDA.

You can get Biotin from 1/4 c. of peanuts.  It gives you a list of foods on the website
Cant boil - only have a microwave. And poached whites get boring after 2-3
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