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Would you rather...

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Hehe I thought this would be the game people play where they list two things and people have to say which one they would rather do, only food related! I'll do a couple so you get the idea...

Would you rather...have a slice of cake or a bowl or ice cream?

I'd rather have the ice ream =]

Would you rather eat three hearty, multi-course meals during the day or eat six mini meals every couple hours?

Whoever answers this one, post another question!
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BBQ Chicken


Seared Ahi or Smoked Salmon?

Smoked salmon. All the way.


Chocolate Cheesecake or Mud Pie?

mud pie!! :)

scrambled eggs with ketchup or scrambled eggs with salsa?

Scrambled eggs with salsa (haha I just had scrambled eggs this morning XD)

Waffles or pancakes?

Waffles as of this moment


Blueberry pancakes


Belgian waffle w/ or w/o powdered sugar

blueberry pancakes! extra points if they're whole wheat. 


Crackers and hummus


Apple slices and peanut butter?

Depends on the day, but usually crackers and hummus.


Couscous or quinoa?


red or green apples?

Red apple


Banana Bread or Carrot Cake?

banana bread


 dark chocolate covered strawberry


White chocolate truffle

dark chocolate-covered strawberry:) i haven't had a strawberry in too long ;P

an authentic french dessert crepe (like in paris ;P) with nutella and sliced banana...

...or with baked apples with cinnamon & vanilla ice cream?

Mmmmm, both sound good. BUT, I never got one of the nutella banana crepes when I went to Paris even though I wanted to try one, so I'll have to pick that one!

Lemon flavored pudding with crushed graham crackers and cool whip


Chocolate pudding with crushed oreo's, cool whip, and drizzled with chocolate syrup?

Lemon pudding!!!!! Would you rather have a buttery lemon poppyseed scone or a blackberry tart with cream?

Blueberry tart with cream

Would you rather have rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins or baklava?

Rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins please :D

Tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole, bean dip or sour cream?

With salsa!


Chocolate chip or banana muffins?

banana muffin


Corn and avocado quesadilla


Chipotle bowl of rice, beans, and veggies

Bowl of rice, beans and veggies

Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and a Cadbury chocolate fish


Latté with buttery shortbread

aha i have NO idea what a cadbury choc fish is but it sounds yum. but i think i'd go with the latte and shortbread, such a christmassy thing to me.

how about...sweet potato, baked or bbq'd until yummy and caramelized sprinkled with salt + cinnamon...or sliced into wedges and baked like homemade fries then dipped in ketchup?

homemade fries


The works on a hot dog or plain?

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