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Would you rather...

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Hehe I thought this would be the game people play where they list two things and people have to say which one they would rather do, only food related! I'll do a couple so you get the idea...

Would you rather...have a slice of cake or a bowl or ice cream?

I'd rather have the ice ream =]

Would you rather eat three hearty, multi-course meals during the day or eat six mini meals every couple hours?

Whoever answers this one, post another question!
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Pizza because it's so versatile

Chai tea or Oolong tea?

Chai tea


Caramel mocha latte


Tomato juice?

LOL, caramel mocha latte of course!

Apple with peanut butter 


Banana with peanut butter

apple because you cant swallow the banana w/ pb hehe.


slim jim or jerky?

Never had either and I don't plan on having them in the future (vegetarian/pescetarian)


Orange cream dreamsicle


Mango sorbet

Hey why is no one on this thread anymore?!

Mango sorbet!

Uh.... fruit salad or fruit smoothie?

smoothie, like a thick smoothie you eat with a spoon


Roasted or grilled veggies of your choice?

Roasted, except the huge mushrooms that taste delicious grilled :D

Banana with peanut butter or Banana with coconut butter?

never had banana with coconut butter (sounds delicious, btw) but I KNOW I like banana w/PB, so I'll go with that.  :)

oatmeal with a banana mashed in OR oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, and apple slices

oatmeal with mashed bananaaaa mmm :)

tabbouleh made with whole wheat couscous, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, evoo, feta?

or made with whole grain quinoa, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, grated carrots, greens onions, evoo...(i know its kinda similar...)

with quinoa- I've never tried it that way but it sounds delicious!

chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered pretzels?



Raisins or craisins?


dried mango or dried pineapple?



dried banana or dried papaya?


pure (canadian wooop ;P) maple syrup or honey?



cantaloupe or honeydew? OHH SO HARD


pasta with veggies or rice with beans?

I think rice with beans..


Macaroni and cheese


Garlic mashed potatoes?


(I'm thinking about comfort food right now)

Macaroni and cheese


Whole egg


Egg whites?

whole egg (hardboiled + cold).

'blondie' with dark-chocolate-chips, pecans and coconut

or...dark-chocolate-brownie with walnuts?

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