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Would you rather...

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Hehe I thought this would be the game people play where they list two things and people have to say which one they would rather do, only food related! I'll do a couple so you get the idea...

Would you rather...have a slice of cake or a bowl or ice cream?

I'd rather have the ice ream =]

Would you rather eat three hearty, multi-course meals during the day or eat six mini meals every couple hours?

Whoever answers this one, post another question!
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For your first question, I'd rather have the cake.  I am a total bread/carboholic.

For your second question, I'd take the six mini-meals over a couple of hours.  I have a fast metabolism and I get really hungry if I don't eat frequently.

Would you rather have a hamburger or chicken nuggets? (calories aside)

Calories aside I would go with Quorn Chik n Nuggets (dont eat red or white meat)

Would you rather have Bananas or Strawberries in your cereal?

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1.   ICE CREAM!!!



Stardust I would rather have strawberries in my cereal!

Next one (I like this game!!)- Would you rather eat hot steamy oatmeal on a cold winter night or a bowl of amazing and steaming chicken noodle soup?
DEFINITELY hot steamy oatmeal =)  I even make myself suffer through the heat of it and eat it during the summer just cause I love it!

Would you rather have an ice cream cake or a regular cake (whatever flavor for both!)  And if you'd like to answer another at the same time, what kind of cake would it be? haha =P

I'd rather have an ice cream cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate cake from Baskin Robbins.


Which would you rather eat?  Rice Krispy Treats or Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese..I miss it!  The super good gourmet kind though =)

Would you rather eat a big breakfast or eat a big dinner?

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big breakfast!

would you rather drink a cup of coffee or tea?
Coffee!  I LOVE my coffee!

Would you rather eat a sandwich or a wrap?
Ooh..tough one. Probably a sandwich. I like my bread =]

Would you rather eat a small serving of a rich, full fat food you are craving, or a biiig serving of a light/fat free version? (Like 1/2 a cup premium ice cream vs. 1 cup light ice cream?)

small serving of the real deal, please.  (i did that on sunday!)


EDIT:  to make it food related...

Would you rather drink a pilsner beer or a wheat beer?

foreign place! I like to step out of my box a bit and see a new place. :)

edit: oh lol changed question.. umm I dont like beer... and I dont know the difference. I'll take a glass of wine instead :)

If you were to blow your calories on something at starbucks would you rather have a sweet drink (like a frappuccino) or a pastry (like the delicious scones and donuts??)

can I have a sweet drink with a donut? I'd take the drink anytime...

hmm lets see:

a whole 'healthy' home made pizza that no one else will share because they don't like it, or a slice of delivered pizza that everyone loves?

Definitely a homemade one (pineapple and turkey bacon on one half and mushrooms and green peppers on another half)!! WHY SHARE?? haaa

okay sooo.....

Would you rather eat a 1,000 calorie fully-loaded salad from your fav local spot OR a huge 1,000 calorie burger with fries instead? (haa...and a lower calorie salad is not an option!)
Burger and fries, at least today anyway!

Would you rather have 4oz of filet or 8 oz of bbq chicken?

The filet!

Calories aside, this or this?

The first one. It has berries... Mmmm...

Even if calories were nonexistant, would you eat healthfullly, or eat junk food?

Would definitely eat Healthy


Would you rather, if you had to choose, give up chocolate or pizza?

Pizza. It's gross.

Would you rather have a Chinese or an Indian?

I'd still eat healthfully...but I might eat more of the high calorie health foods =)  (and do things like make pizza with higher cal but healthful ingredients, pancakes with healthful ingredients, etc.)

EDIT: TOO late!  haha =P

I'd say Indian probably..It's tough though! =)

Would you rather drink water out of a glass or a water bottle?

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