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Ramen noodles without seasoning?

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I planning to eat Ramen noodles (maybe not the best choices, but I don't have many options) but I prefer to eat it without the seasoning. How would I log this?

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The seasoning doesn't really count for much except for sodium.  Ramen noodles are fried, maybe there is a different kind of noodle for you to eat?


At the moment, no...

i know you say you dont have much available right now, in that case do what you have to i guess. like they said the seasoning really only counts for the sodium part (which is a big part, since its really high) but the fat/calories will be the same.

you can look at normal ramen noodles nutrition and then "add it" yourself but dont include the sodium-thats probably the only way to be very accurate.

a suggestion, rice noodles are excellent. they sell them at whole foods type stores, they are pretty low in calories, fat, and carbs. i would say this is a better choice if you like noodles alot, or....whole wheat noodles??

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