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So I've read all this great stuff about Quinoa, and so I bought some...a lot!! And I came home to find out that CC says it has 636 Calories per cup!!! Ahhh that seems crazy.. right
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That's per cup, dry (uncooked).


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yeah but they're small how much bigger can they get...
They actually get quite a bit bigger, and quinoa is really filling.  I definitely don't think I could eat 636 calories worth of it.  Just make sure you rinse it really well before you prepare it.  It can taste a little bitter if you don't.  My favorite dish with quinoa is to cook it in homemade veggie broth, and then mix it with spinach, bell peppers, and balsamic vinegar.  Enjoy!
Quinoa is a great substitute for rice or pasta dishes and as medveditsa says, it's filling. Treat it like you would any rice and measure a single cup of the cooked stuff... otherwise, those carbs and calories can add up fast without even realizing it.

One cup of raw quinoa expands to be between 3-4 cups of cooked quinoa, actually.

(Sort of like how rice and bulgur and other grains expand!)

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mmmm quinoa. I love it mixed with roasted vegetables and a bit of olive oil. Dreamy :D

Oooh! LEFTOVERS! A third-cup of leftover quinoa  (cooked with a spoonful of chicken bullion) on a wheat wrap smeared in Greek yogurt with some garlic salt, chicken breast, and tomato!


I like it that way better than hot, but maybe I just haven't tried the right recipe.

what is quinoa, i'v never heard of it. i'm new at this

tombleweed - it a grain from centeral america.

I've not been happy with the quinoa recipes I've had it in. It was too crunchy and I kept cooking but, it just didn't seem to get much softer? 

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I love quinoa. I eat it all the time. It is extremely high in protein and very easily digested and keeps you full for a long time. 1 cup of uncooked quinoa makes about 3-4 cups of cooked. I usually cook up a cup of it and then I have it in the fridge for about a week. If you are cooking it and it is still crunchy, then you are not adding enough water. It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 35 minutes to cook.

There are so many things you can do with it too. I'll add chicken and a curry tomato sauce for curried chicken. Eat it cold with all the greek salad ingredients makes a very filling lunch. Use it as a substitute for rice or pasta in stir fry. Add small diced peppers, some saffron and a few other veggies and spices and stuff it in a pepper shell and bake in the oven. Oh, I could go on and on.

Here is a nice link about quinoa: spice&dbid=142

Weigh out 100 g quinoa. Put it into a sieve, and rinse, rinse, rinse. Then spoon it into the pan and add 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Then cook it on medium high heat and keep adding water - about 5 cups total - for half an hour. Quinoa is a thirsty cereal! You'll see! It keeps absorbing the water, and getting bigger and bigger and bigger! My parents like with just raisins, and I like with raisins, sliced banana, chopped walnuts, and vanilla unsweetened soymilk.
Thanks.. I tried to cook just 1/2 cup dry, and really over cooked it (my boyfriend-who is a chef- will not let me live it down) Oh well try again thanks for all of the advice.
mmm...i love it.  i was just thinking that i should cook quinoa today!  it's perfect if--like me--you have trouble getting enough protein without adding too much fat.

a small amount is very filling.  a cup of quinoa uncooked will make a side dish for ten or twelve people. 
I love quinoa - took my husband some getting used to but its awesome cooked in some low sodium broth - but its actually super filling so no way you are going to want to eat a whole cup of it.

1/3 cup dry cooks up to be 1 cup - 160 calories, which is less than rice.  It's high in protein too.  I cook it in home made vegetable broth and make a pilaf with it.  Love the stuff!!!

im just about the least picky eater in the world but i cant stand quinoa..
Mmmmm...quinoa is excellent!  Cooked in veggie stock for more flavor, season it with chopped fresh parsley, mint or basil.  I love stuffed red peppers with quinoa and roasted veggies.  Excellent source of protein too.
thanks for the info, i think ill try to find it and try it with broth.

By the way, quinoa comes in different varieties ... I like Inca Red best.

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