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A Question About Tea and Appetite

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So, I read somewhere that coffee and tea suppress appetite. I love tea so I decided to start drinking it every day instead of every once in a while.


And it's definitely working. But I do have a question. Will my body eventually adapt to the tea? I mean, coffee drinkers can get to the point where caffeine doesn't keep them awake because they're drinking so much of it. I've never asked them if it still affects their appetite, though. 


Has anyone had this happen to them?

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Coffee and tea have successfully helped suppress my appetite for a year now.

I don't actually think it's the tea that suppresses appetite.

Drinking a big ole glass of water will make you feel fuller.

The tea has flavor though- so it helps with the cravings.

You won't become immune to the mass of the water filling up your belly!

Actually tea itself, not just as a liquid, has shown to be an effective appetite suppressant for some people. Caffeine itself can suppress appetite.

I've been drinking tea my whole life and it still allows me to skip a snack between lunch and dinner. It's well worth ordering a nice brand of tea for more flavour if you want to start having it regularly and using tea leaves instead of tea bags.

What do you mean by 'adapt'? That it eventually stops working as an appetite suppressant? I don't really drink tea for that reason, but I don't think I've ever adapted to it. It still seems to have the same impact on me as it always has.

I drink tea and, occasionally, coffee because the warmth and flavor is more psychologically satisfying than plain water, but I usually drink decaf.  I'm not particularly sensitive to caffeine but I figure ingesting less of it, anyway, is probably better for me over the long run.  You might try that.

(I still think that they both work in terms of filling me up, although I agree that water would, too.)

I always thought the effects of caffeine never diminish.  Or at least, is very miniscule.  Cup of coffee at 18 will have the same effect on you at 60.

Anyways, I drink about 4-6 cups of green tea Mon-Fri since our work has that nifty Keurig machine.

Not sure if it's actually supressing my appetite or not...  I feel the same amount of hunger during lunch and after work regardless if I'm drinking tea.  I go to the bathroom about 5 times a day, though.

I never thought about the caffeine being the aspect of tea that suppresses appetite. I mean, maybe it is, but I don't know. I drink herbal, non-caffinated peppermint tea (and when I say "drink" I mean "guzzle obscene amounts"...ahhh I love that tea) and there's just something about the hot liquid that satisfies me. It doesn't so much suppress my appetite as occupy my mouth, and because it's hot, I have to drink it slowly and enjoy it. Definitely helps curb cravings that way; I've already got something for my mouth to do, and it lasts long enough that the craving passes.

@ajaro- Ah. For me personally, I find that water works just as well as tea... except tea tastes better. And unfortunately caffeine just makes me feel sleepy. It's the opposite of what I want it to do!

@laurie- I have read a few things saying peppermint tea especially is really great for cravings because it has such a pronounced taste. I am like you. I drink tea mostly when my mouth is bored and peppermint tea tastes kind of... dessert-y... to me. Keeps me out of the ice cream late at night. :)

Thanks for all the replies, guys!


Know what time it is? TEA TIME!

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