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Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal!!!

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Ok, so recently I bought these Quaker Oatmeal Weight Control instant oatmeal packets and they are great! The portion is a nice size and quite filling. The best thing about them? They are are looow in calories! They get an "A" nutrition grade. Check them out for yourself:

Here is the nutrional info I filled out myself: m/19375230.html

Here is the website: nstantQuakerOatmeal/weightControl/index.cfm
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I eat this almost every morning too! Yum!
I eat regular Quaker Oatmeal Apple and Cinnamon. Packets.. I saw the weight control one at the store and didnā??t see much difference in the two... But they are soooo good!

Edit to add.. I was just on the website that u posted and there is actually more calories and fat in the weight control oatmeal than there is in the regular apple and cinnamon that I eat every morning.. hmmm

maybe itā??s because of the extra protein? I donā??t know.. Iā??m not that great at reading those labels!...LOL
I bet the difference is in the sugar vs. protein. The weight loss one has 7g protein and the cinnamon apple has 3 grams protein and 12 grams of sugar. Can't find how much sugar the weight loss one has.

I still love the cinnamon apple one too though. Haven't tried the weight loss one yet but if it's not at least a little sweet I wouldn't think it would taste very good. Will have to try and see.
The difference is that there is more oatmeal in the weight control oatmeal. The portion is larger so that you don't feel the need to eat two packets.
Not by factual evidence, but by opinion, I have tried both:  the regular packets only keep me full until about 10am while the weight control keeps me full until noon.  Whatever is in it - whether it be a larger portion, or more protein or whatever, I can tell a difference by their impact on my hunger. 
I was eating that but then I realized it has a LOT of sugar in it. It would not keep me  full until noon, but I tend to be highly sensitive to simple sugars. So I switched to Erewohn Organic oatmeal (found it at Whole Foods). It's 100% oatmeal and oat bran... no sugar added. I have it with blueberries and 1 TB ground flax seed. Took a few days for my tastebuds to adjust to the lack of sugar.
I find that it keeps me full but, all of a sudden, later in the day, my stomach starts wining for food. Usually by that time though I am going to be eating another meal soon.
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The weight control has more dietary fiber, but also more fat and calories. I like the regular apples and cinnamon best. But I only go two hours between "feeding times" as my friends and coworkers like to call them. My oatmeal and a serving of eggbeaters (30 cals) does the trick at 7am. Then I have a Fiber One bar, or some fruit at 10am. Lite lunch at noon, another small snack between 2 and 3pm, than dinner at 5pm or 6pm. If I have calories left, maybe some fruit, or veggies, or crispix cereal around 8pm. I have to say though bureeda, your oatmeal "treat" sounds FANTASTIC!!!
I eat the regular Apples and cinimin and I love it. I looked at the wieght control in the store and saw that it had more calories so I stuck with the regular. Now that I know it has more calories cause of the reasons I read on here I might try it next time.

Today I accidently grabbed my dads maple and brown sugar oatmeal. I when I opened it I saw that it didn't have the little apple pieces in it. But I cooked it and ate it cause I didn't want to waste it. When it came out the microwave it smelled real good and I thought mabey this won't be so bad. But when I started eating it, it was not as good as the apples and cinimin. At least I know now.
I did end up trying the Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal today.

Maple & Brown Sugar....ewww.. I couldnt even bring myself to finsh the bowl! I almost threw the whole box in the trash but I think I'll just give it away...thank goodness it was on sale.. becuase it feels like such a waste..LOL

I will def. stick with Apple and Cinn. next time...LOL
morningstarfire: Maple & Brown Sugar....ewww.. I couldnt even bring myself to finsh the bowl!

oh man i LOVE the maple and brown sugar weight control oatmeal.  They dont sell it in stores down here tho.  Only banana bread and cinnamon.  People at my work would complain when I cooked the Maple and brown sugar because it stank up the place :) But that's my favorite.

Now I stick to vitatop muffins (also gets an A) and fiber one cereal for breakfast.  VERY filling, much more than oatmeal :)
I'm suspecting that it's the artificial sweetener (sucralose) which is listed on the ingredients that is giving it that weird aftertaste.  Then again it could be the "arificial flavor" that they use. 

Is the oatmeal a healthy choice?  That's really up to the consumer.  I for one have come to a decision that the only way for me to be healthy is to eat and live healthy.  So I'll try a different oatmeal brand that has little chemical substitutes or artifical flavors in the product.   
I eat the low sugar Maple and Brown has less calories than the weight control which is odd..but oh welll!  I eat it with a spoon full of p-nut butter..yummy!
Yum!  I tried the cinnamon this morning and I loved it.  It's definitely sweet, though it only has one gram of sugar.
This is a copy of my post (#4) from this thread from a few months ago about quaker weight control oatmeal.  I think the Quaker people may have you fooled about the 'benefits' of their special oatmeal.  :-)  I modified my original post to include a direct nutrition info comparison, and updated the info with the current posted nutrition info on quakers website.

So...that's funny.  I thought I'd look and see how the weight control stuff is supposed to benefit you, ie, why you would choose it over plain oatmeal. 

Here's the nutrition info for Old Fashioned Rolled Quaker Oats. (a serving is 40g, i calculated the 45g serving so it was directly comparable). 

                   Old Fashioned    Weight Control (maple & Brown sugar)
                          45g                            45g
Cal                  168.75                          160
Fat(g)                3.38                               3
Sat. fat(g)         0.56                            0.5
chol(mg)              0                                 0
Sodium                0                               310
carbs(g)           30.38                             29
fiber(g)              4.5                               6  
protein(g)          5.63                            7

Basically, the weight control is 9 less cal, adds 1.5g fiber, 1.37g of protein, and 310mg of sodium.  Huh.  I think I'll stick with my Old Fashioned.  :-)  Besides that, Old Fashioned Oats are just that - the only ingredient is 100% Natural Rolled Oats. 

Ingredients list for Weight Control Maple & Brown Sugar (a plain wasn't listed):

Interesting though.  They are selling a product that makes one assume it must be a lot different, when in reality, it's not.  I suppose having to cook the Old Fashioned oats may be a downside to some.  And there's not the same portion control (unless you use a measuring cup...which you have to anyway to make sure you get the right water/oat mix).
I buy the sugar free maple and brown sugar oatmeal packets that are the generic walmart brand.  They only have 100 calories and are very filling.... here's the nutrician info:

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 28.0g Amount Per Serving Calories 100 Calories from Fat 18 % Daily Value* Total Fat 2.0g 3% Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 190mg 8% Total Carbohydrates 18.0g 6% Dietary Fiber 3.0g 12% Protein 4.0g * Based on a 2000 calorie diet
they are alright... im a HUGE advocate for oatmeal, i eat it almost every week, at least 5 times. The best bowl of oatmeal is one thats made with unfooled around with steel cut oats, and some nice honey. oatmeal in my opiion is one of humanitys perfect food blessings. No other food provides me with such energy and vigor.

i usualy shun the little instant packets, they arnt good bowels of oatmeal. espeically when you inject artifical sweetners in it. while i know that most people dont have hours to slowly churn a big pot of the steel cut stuff. ive found that oatmeal itself is a weight control food, you dont need to put art sweetners or tamper with this food. making it yourself in my opipion is supioiur in flavor and nurtirtion.

but yes, ill agree the instant packets do taste very good, ive eaten them for dessert with a scoop of icecream, no joke.

but remeber, real oatmeal does not come from rehydrating a little packet. steel cut oatmeal is the best stuff around, they have the same amount of calories and nurtion per serving and taste 90 times better, you cant beat its unique texture.

I have Quaker Weight Control oatmeal w/ skim milk as part of my breakfast every morning (along with an apple!)

I find that it does keep me full for about 4 hours before i start to feel hungry again. I think it has to do with the protein & fiber content, which is good compared to regular oatmeal.

I have lost weight eating this oatmeal because before, when i was eating bowls upon bowls of cereal for breakfast, i am now eating something that is portion controlled in packets.

The flavors are all OK for the most part... at times the banana can taste a little bland....but the other two (cinnamon and maple & brown sugar) are good. My only real complaint is that the Maple & Brown sugar flavor has such a STRONG smell.... that it ends up sticking to my clothes, my hair, and everything ALL DAY LONG! Even my microwave will smell like syrup a whole day after i've eaten this flavor. Has anyone else had this problem or is it only me? I like the flavor, but i don't want to go around smelling like pancakes all day long...

Also, its kind of expensive, around $3.50 a box at my local supermarket, so i try to get it on sale when i can...

But it does have a good nutritional value and it seems to be working for me so far.

I just can't stomach instant flavored oatmeal.  When the weight control oatmeal first came out I tried it and found it was way too sweet for me.

Give me plain 'ol rolled oats or steel cut.
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