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Puzzled what cereal to eat- processed v/s non-processed.

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Hi, I'm a cereal lover and I'm just puzzled about this thing. I generally eat Kashi Go Lean or whole shredded wheat but have recently switched to oatmeal and cracked wheat (bulgur). I"m just amazed at how differently these cereals fill me up. I can eat cups and cups of Kashi but  1/2-1 cup cooked oatmeal or bulgur totallly fills me up. Nutritionally though Kashi seems to be more complete with fiber, protein and low sugar.

So why does the hot cereal fill me up more, any ideas?  and anyone else feel the same way? Thanks!!

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really, i think it is because its hot. try microwaving your cereal for a minute. i know it sounds weird, but see if it fills you up more.

azndude110290 is onto something.  i used to pour some hot water on my kashi go lean (same cereal) years ago, let it sit for a minute, and then eat it.  i found it did a better job at filling me up.

ultimately, though, cereal is just too yummy in my tummy, and i decided to steer clear bec i eat the box.

Kashi Autumn Wheat is really good served hot or cold, very filling and esp. yummy with a few blueberries added.

personally, the less processed the better, even granola from the nutritional nitty gritty is better than flaked or espeically puffed cereal. Many of the cereals you buy, even whole grain ones loose nutrition from the extruding and heat.
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