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Putting stuff on stuff- what's your favorite?

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So first my obsession was pepper.  Pepper on everything; cottage cheese, veggies, everything!  Then that evolved to red pepper flakes... Then chili sauce... It seems my tastes have changed for the spicier!

Now my obsession is horseradish sauce.  I had some on my burger for dinner tonite.  OMG I was sniffling, my eyes were burning (oh, plus I had a HUGE slab of onion on my burger too...) but it was great!

Just chalk this up to another 'food discovery'.  A year ago I would have never known what to do with the stuff.  

So what's your favorite topper? 

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Nymo, Ive no concrete proof but we may just be related.

Horseradish ROCKS!  Slabs of onions do too!  But yes, Ive always adored horseradish and I dislike vinegar, spicy food but something about the flavor I adore.  I normally dont like mustard but Ive kind of had a taste for it and at BigLots I found this unfamous brand of horseradish mustard.  Very cool!

Also French's makes Gourmayo.  Used to have horseradish, chipolte or wasabi flavors but I see online theyve combined the horseradish with wasabi.  Still it was 1/2 the cals of mayo but if your interested check that because I dont know if it still is.  Funny thing was they never promoted the low calorie.

Did I just turn your thread into a horseradish thread.  Back to condiments for dieting.  My favs:

  • horseradish
  • oregano
  • garlic
  • cilantro
  • cinnamon with splenda
Salsa.  I put it on rice, eggs, potatoes, garden burgers, bean soup, falafel ... basically anything I can think of.
salt and oregano...i ou it on egg whites and anything else that dosent have a taste, but is healthy
Lately I've been putting cinnamon on just about anything... Cheerios, french toast, pancakes, apples, toast with ICBNB spray... Lots of stuff =]
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smoky chilli powder and cumin mixture- i put it on raw pumpkin seeds and bake them myself- sooo yummy.  Also have been putting it on popcorn.
ketchup. hahah my whole life i've been a ketchup lover. i eat it with any meat (unless it has a marinade or something on it), and with all vegetables except corn (i LOVE brussels sprouts with ketchup!). and i really like baked potatoes with ketchup.

i'll eat it will many things (i've even dipped rice in it)...except stuff that's like sweet or dessert-y. haha blech.
I put cranberries on everything.

I put them in my cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, jello, tuna salad...

Cranberries make everything better. :D
I forgot my own something that makes everything better, as long as the something isnt a dessert.  Chopped onions, enough to make folks turn away when they talk to you.  Raw strong diced sprinkled on beans, salads, hohum veggies, wraps, even some TV dinners.  Despite my love thought, I still cant fathom how some are able to bite into one - thats hardcore.
Cream Cheese.  I put it on any grain (toast, hamburger, sandwich, crackers, etc).  Also on most veggies, especially carrot, cellery and potato.  It's a great topper for salads, casserols, etc.  Try mixing hash brown potatoes, diced onion and sweet red pepper, and crean cheese, then bake in the oven at 350 for 30 min,  It's SOOOO good.
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