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pumpkin seed addiction

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I use to LOVE davids pumpkin seeds. I would purchase a package every week and portian them out by have a shot glass full for a snack. Over the past few weeks I have developed an extreme craving for these things, I literally can't stop eating them. I will finish the bag on the first day I buy them now, but there is something weird about them. I"m no longer enjoying them but i can't stop eating them. they make me sick now, and i want to stop, but my body screams for them. I have recently stopped buying them, because I can't control myself and one bag has 400% of my daily amount of salt. Why am I craving these things like a drug, and what can i do to start enjoy these as a snack again.

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Lol, that is strange.  I bought a pack from the store and only eat a little bit at a time.  Its salty but its better than some other things I could be eating.

For you, I'd recommend going to a health foods store and buying organic pumpkin seeds that are not roasted and salted... or even if they are, they are bound to be better than what is packaged in the Davids seeds.   I bought organic pumpkin seeds and they were good.. I dont remember if they had them without salt or not.

Good luck to you :)

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