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Psyllium Fiber???

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Does anyone know anything about psyllium fiber? I tried this cereal today called "Guardian" by Kellogg and it's AMAZING. Has a brown sugar flavour with OK stats. It mentions that it is a good source of psyllium fiber which means nothing to me :( I would love to know if this is something I need, or is it more for the "older folk", because I'm 22 and I'm trying to stick to a diet that will benefit me at my age.
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Hi!  Yes, I am a huge psyillium fiber fan.  Psyllium is the active ingredient in Metamucil and has a laxative effect to clean you out...  Dr. Oz had recommended psyillium husks on the Oprah show a couple of years ago and that is what I use.  Metamucil contains the husks but processed more and it has sugar, so I don't want that.  The plain husks have a slightly funny smell but I add them to my smoothies or to my green tea at least twice a day (1 tbsp is 1 serving) and it has a wonderful effect.  I don't know how much would actually be in a serving of that cereal, but it is recommended on the psyillium husk can to get 2-3 servings daily.  So that's the poop (no pun intended...) on psyillium.  And I do not believe that age has anything to do with whether it is a good thing for you or not... I had used Metamucil when I was your age and the more fiber you get, the faster things move through you.  The point is that the toxins from lesser quality foods and from our waste products will have less time in our colons so we will have less "contact time" with those toxins and those are the things that can be carcinogenic.  So 22 or 36 or 65 or 90... keep eating that fiber. You are laying the groundwork now for a healthy body later. :) Colleen 

i buy a cereal called all bran "bran buds" which are made with psyllium and do wonders for the digestive tract (in a good way).  they are really tasty and i think its better to try to get your fiber in food rather than downing metamucil or fiber capsules....



It is the main ingredient in Colon Blow.  Check out  Poopin' is COOL!!!!Laughing

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Read all about it here!

I heard this stuff makes you poop, but I didn't know it can help lower your cholestrol.  Thanks for the tip!

Check out the following link for information on Psyllium's impact on cholesterol es.aspx?ContentId=1028005&lang=en

It has a multiplying effect on simvastatin (Zocor) and other benefits. The article has a lot of good information on lowering high cholesterol

Thanks guys! This is really helpful.
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