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Protein in the morning?

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How do I get more protein in my breakfast besides eggs? What else can I eat? Any suggestions?



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milk, turkey bacon, cottage cheese with fruit and/or cereal
i like Kashi Golean Crunch cereal. dont quote me but i believe 9 grams of protein for 1 serving. Luna bars are also good when you are in a pinch. 9 or 10 grams, depending on the flavor
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Steak, chicken, turkey, or protein powder.
Greek yoghurt has really high protein levels (comparable to meat levels ~14 grams in a cup of fat free).

Also, you can follow david's suggestions to add meat. Eating non-traditional breakfast foods in the morning can be great for non-egg people. Leftovers, sandwiches with meat, low fat cheese or tofu can be great. Rice pilaf and grains can also be high in protein.
yogurt! so simple... with fruit or plain. I think steak/chicken/turkey is kinda harsh for breakfast:)
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Original Post by katenok3000:

yogurt! so simple... with fruit or plain. I think steak/chicken/turkey is kinda harsh for breakfast:)

 Ever heard of steak and eggs? Cool

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I love eating leftovers for breakfast.  Yummy!

There are also some very tasty turkey sausages.
What kory said.  I dont eat carbs before lunch so its protein breakfast.  Not everyones taste but I actually enjoy salad with chicken, but I enjoy it anyway.  Before I began dieting, my preference was a non breakfast sandwich if I wasnt fast fooding.
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sun123 - what are the benefits of no carbs before lunch?
kashi go lean cereal (not crunch) has 13 g fiber
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What about peanut butter on wheat toast?  with a little drizzle of honey ... good stuff!!
light n' fit non fat yogurt is the best calorie/protein/sugar ratio that actually tastes great (1 6 oz container has only 60 calories), plus the vanilla and strawberry come in 2 lb containers, so it is relatively inexpensive.  You can add anything to the vanilla, I like to put bananas and some chocolate syrup on mine (and pretend it is an ice-cream sundae....).  Also, string cheese is a good source of protein - the light kind has 60 calories with 7-9 grams of protein (depends on the brand) and is also an easy on the go snack with an apple (or other fruit) to add protein.  Also, almonds are a good source of protein - while high in calories for what you get, a small handful is considered to be a satisfying snack.  Good luck! 
Well, Im a vegetarian, so I dont eat meat or eggs for breakfast, but I do eat yogurt every mornng. You could also have a glass of milk with your breakfast.  Ive also recently discovered I like trail mix and that has protein as well.
I'm like a protein drink with oats and/or fruit tossed into the blender.
I eat a 100 calorie english muffin with a veggie burger and eggbeaters and side of cottage cheese. Lot's of protein and very low calories about--300 cal's.
i buy expensive roast beef sliced very thin and wrap it around a slice of cheese. Two of these gets me to Noon without any hunger.
A veggie burger sounds good. I would like it with a potato maybe, or some toast. I want one right now, but I've already had my early morning snack and breakfast too. Maybe tomorrow...

I love egg whites but don't feel like cooking before my 1.5 hour morning commute. I pack an ice-cold mug of soymilk mixed with a small amount of coffee or OJ. Just an alternative suggestion :)

You could also go for some whole-grain, protein-rich toast or bread with nut spread. Have you ever tried almond or cashew butters? Mmm.

milk has protein :]

I love hard-boiled egg whites as a low fat protein source.

HERE's a great resource for proteins!

You can also use the SEARCH function on this forum to search for other forum threads on this topic ... it's a very commonly asked question!

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