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Protein Drinks

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I recently met with a nutritionist because I wanted to make sure that I was making healthy food choices and if not, then I wanted to discover new ways to change this so that I could lose the weight and keep it off. She had me to fill out a client survey prior to my visit, which was a way for her to understand my goals. Well of course, part of my goals consisted of losing weight, but I also want to develop muscle definition and tone / firm.

I work out five times a week. All five days consist of cardio and strength training. I alternate my upper body and lower body daily so that I don't overwork my muscles. One of the things she recommended I add was a whey protein drink to help with muscle definition.

As I mentioned to her, I have been steering clear of a lot of protein because I do not want to gain weight, I want to lose and I do not want to bulk up, I just want to look good in my clothes and have some muscle definition. She assured me that bulking up shouldn't happen and I should still lose weight.

Can anyone help to alleviate my fears about drinking this protein drink? She told me to drink it right after I workout. I have literally been afraid to weigh myself every since I started drinking it this week.

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WHEY protein is very good for you. l.html#ex - This site briefly explains why. It's the leanest protein out there, helps to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, is low in fat, and also helps your muscles to recover after a workout. Your workouts actually sound a lot like mine. Since February I've done the treadmill for 20 minutes, then weights for 45 minutes, then elliptical for 30. I would then have the protein shake afterwards ("ProTech 24" - 120 cals per scoop mixed with water), and with that routine and also sticking to a healthy diet I have LOST weight overall. I was actually attempting to GAIN weight with it (i.e. muscle) but I can clearly see that I'm more defined and muscular without adding any (if I did, it's miniscule) fat, so who cares what the scale says, right? I highly recommend it. 
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Thank you so much for helping to alleviate my fears. It helps when someone replies who has actually used the product and has measurable results to back it up plus resource information. I will be sure to read the article.

One more question, I just remembered that the one I bought says whey and soy protein drink. Is that still okay? I do mix it with water and it is 115 cals per scoop.

Thanks again!

Whey and soy is fine, marvab (as long as you're not allergic to soy ;).  Just to let you know, most women are literally incapable of 'bulking up' like a man, and drinking a protein shake certainly will help you meet your goals.  Good luck!

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I have whey protein shakes EVERY DAY and I absolutely LOVE them!  The thought of getting my protein shake is what helps me push through my workouts =P  And, when I don't have them, I seem to be a lot more sore after I work out!

I lost a lot of weight while drinking them and have gotten much leaner.  I have a lot of muscle now (it's funny cause I'm kinda small until I flex!) but I think that's just my body type...not the shakes =P  Most women don't get too much muscle too easily, like sharpshootinstar said.
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Anyone have any ideas on the best whey protein brand to purchase, or does it matter? I actually saw some in Kroger when I was in there grocery shopping. It said Whey & Soy Protein drink and it has no fat and only 115 cals. I can't remember the carbs. I was going to get whey protein from GNC, but the only reason I got it from Kroger was because it was only $11.99 and I remembered my nutritionist telling me to get some. It was the Kroger brand at that price of course. I just want to make sure I am doing it right.

I'm not sure if it matters all that much, but I just use the Body Fortress stuff from Walmart! haha

As of now I don't have a job so I can't afford much more than that, but it seems to do the job just fine.  Even if I could afford different kinds I don't know that it'd be worth it since I get results with this!

deflepfan16 - The reason for your being more sore when you don't have your shake is likely because you have Glutamine in the protein shake. Glutamine helps your muscles to repair after strenous activity (it is found naturally in foods of course). If you don't get the extra glutamine you'll notice that you're still sore because your muscles have not repaired and rebuilt as quickly as they would have with it (I've also seen this in a pill form if you want to get even more glutamine but I've never taken any. Friends have and they've found it be really helpful but I doubt it's worth the extra money).

marvab2 - I'll try and pass down what I've gathered through reading and observation. The reasons for differences in price depends a lot of the type of protein in the protein powder. There are 3 that I've heard of: Casein, Soy and Whey (haven't done much research to see if there are others though. These are just 3 main ones). Here's a good explanation of it online: html

Personally I don't worry nearly that much about protein timing and wasted protein and such. I use whey in a smoothie each morning and I have a shake after I do a strength workout or some really vigorous sports. I've found it's been really useful to decrease my muscles recovery time and to increase my energy after a workout.

I've also heard that Soy may lower your testosterone. That could easily just be hearsay or a confusion of information. I'd do some more research on that if you think you want to go with soy protein for any reason.

I was going to write much more before I found that website. :)

If I had to recommend a brand of WHEY protein to use it would be ProTech 24. It has 24 grams of protein per scoop - 120 calories, 1 gram of fat. It tastes great and if you go to Vitamin Shoppe you can get a container with 79 servings for like 30 bucks. If you want to get a smaller container then by all means do so, but I do NOT recommend GNC - very overpriced. 

I get the 6lb bag of EAS protein at's about $40, but I go through it in about 6 months.

I've recently bought into the whey protein drinks after workouts and I have become, quite simply put, obsessed! Marvab2 - I have all the same concerns as you!  Bulk = Bad!

I'm still a little confused on how the protein drinks work though.  I only lift every other day, but I still run for an hour everyday, regardless.  Should I only drink the protein shake after I lift, or everyday after any workout?

Yesterday I bought the Kashi  GOLEAN vanilla shake mix to drink after strength training.  It has 21g of protein.  Does anyone know if it's any good/ worth it?

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I'm confused...I hope you're not saying that whey protein has caused you to get obessed??? Has it?

Oh gosh no...Obsessed, I love it...not obese.  But I have only been drinking whey protein for a week...and successfully lost 5 pounds!  My best friend has been training with whey protein drinks for months and she has lost 40 pounds! So I am convinced, if used in the correct way, will help to lose weight!

Best of luck

Getting bulky muscles is not something that the majority of women will ever need to worry about unless they're taking steroids or working on a farm daily.

A protein supplement gives your body more of the building blocks for maintaining and growing muscle but there's a limit to how much your body can and will use.  Weight lifting for an hour a day which is more than most women will ever do still doesn't create huge bulky muscles on women.

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Okay great!! I guess I just wanted to make sure that the main thing is that I didn't gain weight with it. I have heard of some people drinking protein drinks to gain weight as well.

You'll gain weight if you eat more than your maintenance calories.

In general you'll find that a lot of people who are really focused on fitness will cycle through several phases.  Gaining muscle and losing fat and maintaining.

Hey marv, in relation to post 16 there are actually weight gain powders out there. These come in very similar containers to protein powders and are easy to confuse if you don't know about them much. It's likely that whoever you heard saw someone drinking some mass gainer and confused it. Although you could use protein powders to gain weight you'd have to use a lot more of it and it really isn't intended to be used for that - it doesn't have much excess fat or carbs because it's not necessary in what is supposed to aid muscle growth (Even though they are...just not AS necessary). The mass gainers have lots of extras in there to help you get your fat on! Yeehaw!

Watch your overall intake to make sure you don't gain weight. If you drink the protein shake and eat extra because you're hungrier after working out it becomes possible that you'll gain weight. It's the simple calories in - calories out idea.

Fortified protein drinks like Ensure are recommended for those trying to gain weight, particularly the elderly and young who may not already be getting enough nutrients from their foods.

I also think there's nothing like a handful of nuts to help with workout hunger...they're full of good fats and protein.

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Thanks so much! I am still counting calories and ensuring that I am staying within my goals. I went to the doctor yesterday and had lost another 3 lbs.

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