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protein bars

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Hey i was just wondering if Lara bars and or luna bars are healthy . I read some other posts and people mentioned them and so i thought i would try them . Well i a peanut butter lara bar and i got the chocolate brownie luna bar . They are really good !!!!! But i was also wondering if they have any nutritional value ? If they are good for you , i am certainly going out to get more , i wanna try new flavours !!! Lol
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I have Luna Bars everyday before a workout, not sure how exactly healthy they are but I know they give me good energy for a great workout! :)

they actualy are basically like candy bars with some vitamins thrown in lol. quest nutrition, pure fit, thinkthin are all good. but its either hit or miss with the flavors

I am a fan of a few of both.  Search for them on here, then you can judge which ones you think are worth adding to your plan.  I don't eat any Lara or Luna bars that are less than a B.  I LOVE the white chocolate macadamia nut Luna Bars, and they get an A-! 

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