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How do you get in so much protein a day?

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I read you need to have about 1 gram of protein a day for each pound you way.  I eat a lot of healthy foods each day but i don't understand how this is possible.  what foods are everyone eating?
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Tuna is a quick way to get protein and omega 3s. Each serving contains about 10 - 15 grams... so a can of tuna is about 30+ grams.

contain about 6 grams of protein and is a VERY healthy and benefitial choice.

Egg Beaters/Substitute/Whites are around 6 grams of protein for a very small serving and are really low on calories.

Ground Turkey has about 28 grams per serving and only about 1 gram of fat, plus it is also low in calories.

Skim Milk
is a must for fat loss and has about 8 grams protein per cup. So if you drink 3 cups a day like many suggest, you can easily get 24 grams of protein.

Chicken Breast, Boneless and Skinless (Pilgrim's Pride, Tyson Foods) has around 22 grams of protein per serving and only about 100 - 130 calories. Tenderloins have around 21 grams of protein and are fat free with around 90 calories.

Also check out investing in some Whey Protein (I use the kind made by Optimum Performance Inc.), any kind of Protein bar, or Fat Free Plain Yogurt
I didn't think it was possible at once also...and its not a gram for every pound, that would make me have to eat 170 grams...I dont remember what the exact proportion is, I believe its something like 2.2 per pound so mine would be roughly any where from 68-75 grams a day, and what I do I just look at what Im about to eat and determine how much I need to eat and I only eat 2 meals a day, lunch and dinner...and theres days I eat almost 100 grams and I dont even at much its just what I eat, so pay attention to the nutrition facts and serving size of whatever it is and keep track either on here or a daily log..and before ya know if you will be eating enough, but then you have to make sure you keep your fats, and carbs equal as well...and drink plenty of water and dont over do on protein, its not always a good thing, too much can turn into fat and too little can hurt you...
o.4g protein per pound :) thats the correct one
let me add beans and broccoli to the list above :) protein is in a lot of different kind of foods actually, some contain more, others less. just google a bit for high protein foods.
I've been enhancing my protein intake with a few things specifically:

1a. Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai or Mocha Cappuchino Protein Drink

1b. Whey Protein powder (I can't recall the brand) in fat free milk

2. Smoked turkey slices rolled up with 1/3 a slice of Alpine Lace reduced Fat Swiss Cheese and a touch of dijon mustard

I'd love to eat more cashews or almonds but all those darn nut-meats can really irritate if you eat too much!
Hi Jen, I don't know where you got 1 gram per pound, but that's WAY too much protein from what I know.

According to Patrick Holford, a well respected British nutritionist, and others, only 15-25% of your diet should come from protein (25% if you're trying to lose weight, optimally 15% on a non-weight loss diet, 60% from carbs, 25% from healthy fats).

35 grams per day is quite sufficient for maintaining health for the average person. Eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & grains provides 35 grams or more, even if you're a vegetarian.
1 g per pound of body weight isnt too much actually. 

protein is a very good calorie.  it fuels your metabolism, your muscles.  it gives your brain energy.  protein is one of the most important nutrients for the brain. 

1 g per pound of body weight is more efficient for muscle building use however. 

I recently was talking to some of the trainers at my gym, and thats what they reccomend to those interested in muscle gains. 

if you dont want to gain muscle, then 1/2 g protein per pound of body weight is more efficient. 

I want muscle gains however.  more muscle means a higher metabolism.  period.    more muscle means stronger, denser,  healthier bones. 

I usually intake 120 g  of protien per day.  but thats b/c I would like to weigh 120 lbs.  I am losing weight, not maintaining, so that is appropriate for the number of cals I need to eat a day.   my protein is usually at 35-40% of my daily cal intake.  

I get my protein like this:

egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast,  milk and high fibrous cereal, cottage cheese, cheese,  whey protein supplement shakes,  lean ground turkey,  chicken breast, tuna, salmon,  lean steak 1-2 per week,  almonds, yogurt, granola.     I have a protein source with every meal, and I eat 5 times per day.  

you need to stock your fridge and cupboards with egg whites and eggs, low fat cheese, low fat-low sugar yogurt, 1% cottage cheese, skim milk,  almonds, multi grain bread.    

I highly reccomend the use of whey protein shakes.    However, if you are not weight training, then you dont need them, you can get enough protein from more natural sources. 

I train with weights 4 days per week.  I take my whey protein within 1 hour after my workout.    

Protein gives me energy, and helps maintain my muscles and further develop my muscles.    It helps my metabolism work more efficiently b/c I am not overloading it with too much sugar and starch, causing spikes and thus lulls in energy.
where all the bean people at? A cup of beans is 26 grams of protein...and thats just a cup..if you were to eat 3-4 cups in a day that would be a little over 100 grams and thats just beans. And eggs is a very significant source as well. But wheres the bean people at?
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Without all the boasting about going to the gym and working out or trying to lose weight, the bottom line on 1 gram of protein per pound comes from bodybuilding. Those wanting to build bigger muscle mass are encouraged to take in that much protein. The average person does not need that much protein, they really need quite a bit less. Remember this, although protein is essential, you should also take in carbohydrates which is actually burned as fuel thereby giving energy. Also, if you do not take in enough carbs or good fat your body will turn to breaking down your protein for energy thereby reducing muscle mass. Try to take in an equal amount of each. There is also such a thing as protein poisoning which comes from taking in extremely high amounts of protein and not enough carbs, vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

The internet is a vast wealth of knowledge and all this can be researched and verified.
You don't need 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh. I'm not sure how much you really need, but I'm pretty sure I get plenty. Whenever you eat something, make sure it has a good amount of protein in it (at least 7 grams, but usually more). I eat Boca burgers, the taste takes some getting used to but they are practically all protein (as opposed to the veggie burgers which have lots of carbs). I also eat lots of South Beach Diet Bars, and sometimes hard-boiled eggs.
Unless you are bodybuilding or looking to gain some serious muscle, I wouldn't worry too much. Han's formula is most accurate, actually. Most Americans consume too much protein as they eat more than the daily recommended servings of meat.

Do you log what you eat? If you don't, just try it one day, you'd be surprised how foods with little protein add up. If you're falling low, foods like lowfat dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese), fish, beans, leafy greens (spinach, turnip greens, swiss chard) and tofu are all low in fat and calories and contain both large and healthy amounts of protein.
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i was told by a nutritionist that 20% of my daily calories should be from protein. At 2,300 calories per day i need about 115g of protein every day.
I agree that only people interested in serious muscle gains need to pack on that much protein.  I work out 6 days a week and am putting on muscle (slowly), and I intake between 150-190g a day.  Most of this is from 4-6 small meals a day, including one shake simply because of time purposes. 

I do a lot with stirfries to get a lot of veggies - esp broccoli because its so good for you and contains 4-5g protein per serving - combined with chicken breast (2) and some pasta (whole wheat or otherwise).  I keep the pasta on the low end, enough to get the carbs, but not too much where I pack on empty carb cals.  Then I eat half and pack up the other half for an after workout meal, or later when I dont have time to cook.  Anyway, the stirfries I make (and there's an endless variety of recipes for them), run about 450 cals, with 40+g protein, 50g carbs, 7g fiber, etc,. 

Anyway, I am not saying to eat 5 meals at 450 cals.  I do usually 2 of slightly larger size  and then the others are between 200-300 cals each.

I would also recommend, if you like mexican food, to try your hand at using ground turkey with salsa and navy beans rolled on pita.  There a number of other spices in it I can list if anyone wants, but its a good source of nutricious food with low fat, low carbs, high protiens.

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