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Powerade / Gatorade - Good or Bad?

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Hey guys! I've always drank the *ades, more Powerade than Gatorade now because Gatorade tastes extremely bad after I'd opened it. But anyways, I always drink it only after/during a work out and I've found it extremely hydrates me. I love water and all but it just doesn't hydrate me as much and as quickly as the *ades. Anyways, I was bored and looking at the nutrition label and, this particular Powerade for example it says:

Calories per serving 60
Servings per Container: 4

So total 240 calories?! I was just thinking "What the heck?" I'm pretty much gaining back the amount I'm burning off while I burn it. I noticed though, that under the "Calories: 60" it says "(Energy)", does this make it any different?

Basically, I think the *ades are a vital part of my work out life and probably wouldn't be able to leave them until I get a lot better at working out. I can drink water still but it doesn't fuel me through the whole work out. With the *ades I can take a sip, work out for 20 minutes or so and then finish the rest and I'm good. Or if it's 30 minutes, like during weight training, when I do circuit training, I take a sip before, then every 10 minutes I take a tiny sip to wet my mouth and boost me up a bit. It really does help, really, but I'm curious as to the whole calories thing.

If it is after all bad, then do you guys have any other suggestions to hydrate me? I mean I can still use water, no problem, but it'll be a lot harder. Sometimes I've used water when I'm out of the *ades and I struggle a bit more, not a whole lot, but to me there's nothing as hydrating and refreshing as a *ade.

Just wondering what you guys know about this! Thanks!
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calories are the energy that is in food.  So, no, that is 240 calories a bottle you are drinking.  I think it may be a mental thing that you think the *ades keep you going through your work-out... maybe trick yourself for a little bit by switching to a no calorie flavoured water and then eventually to plain ol' water.  hope this helps! happy exercising!
well, for one thing, if i were drinking anything like that i would go for gatorade because it is lower in calories and the carbs/sodium/potassium ratio is better. (sorry for the endorsement). The thing is, scientifically these drinks only help after about a 90 minute (or more) workout, and only help where cardio is involved (or so says my nutritionist).  so the moral of the story is, if your workouts are long and hard, hhave some gatorade... but if they aren't that long, its probly a mental thing. try a flavoured calorie-free drink like propel and see if it works. You'll probly find that it does. Good luck!
Yeah, it probably is a mental thing, but just for the record I'm sure it's not the taste because I don't care about the taste, I really do feel a lot more hydrated once I drink it, really. So I guess I'll look for some alternatives then, thanks!
I hate water.. (but i force myself to drink it) .. but I have to have SOMETHING else so I drink gatorade as well. I drink 1 bottle of gatorade a day.. 200 cals. I guess its better than drinking sweetened juices for a flavorful drink. 
You could always try powerade option or propel.  They both have far fewer calories than regular gatorade/powerade.

I think they are like 10 calories per serving.
Thanks I'll try Propel

all right man i honestly made an account just to responded to this! alright heres how it is im a health nut... powerade had electrolights in it which are extremly good for helping to re-hydrate your body. The colder a liquid is the better and faster your body can obsorb it, it also cools down the your body temperature. I could tell you how to make your own home made one but it is actually really grosse... involves baking powder (not baking soda), salt, water and a lot of sugar... but anyways here is a link to what electrolights are


and the people that said its in your head do not no what there talking about ( lacking a nicer way too put it ) BUt gaterraid and powerade are definatly for high impact sports so i dont no what you do for work or if you play sports.

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all right man i honestly made an account just to responded to this!

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