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Popped Popcorn - Question

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hi. i'm new and apparently i have a real hard time with math and volume and other things. one thing that is killing me is the lack of a straight answer when looking at how many calories are in a full-size bag of microwave popped popcorn. it seems that all the info i get from any brand says the same confusing things...

120 calories from Unpopped Kernels. who eats unpopped popcorn?

then it goes on to tell me that 1 cup popped may contain 30 cals. fine, but how many cups are in a bag?

does anyone have any info or exact numbers for it? i love popcorn, and i really want to throw some popped kernels down.



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if it's 120 calories of unpopped for the whole bag, then just go with that number.  it's not worth obsessing over 20-40 possible calories.

that's it?!?! that is probably the best news i have ever had. i am going right now to pop myself at least 2 bags. might even go with the Buttler Lover style!


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If the label says something like this:
Serving Size 3 tbs Unpopped kernels (makes 7.5 cups popped)
Servings: 2


That means it makes 15 cups popped.
30 * 15 = 450 calories per whole bag.


That's for the orville redenbacher popcorn though. So your popcorn might have more or less calories.

also, popcorn becomes a junk food when paired with all of that butter and salt, i.e. microwavable popcorn.

for the maximum benefits of popcorn as a healthy snack, try eating it air-popped with a light topping (like nutritional yeast).

I just finished off the ENTIRE bag of smart balance low fat, low sodium popcorn.  They whole big bag is estimated to be about 260 calories.

My answer is similar to Sighing, I have an Act II butter bag in front of me. Serving size 2 tbsp (makes 5 cups popped). Servings per bag = 2.5. so it's 5*2.5=12.5 cups popped.

It's 30 calories per cup popped, so it's 30*12.5=375 for the entire bag. 

I think I worked a butter lovers one out to 450 calories once (not sure the brand).

I love popcorn, and if I pop a bag, I'm gonna eat the entire thing. So what I've done is started buying the 100 calorie or the single serving bags. Then I can still eat the entire bag, but the damage is much less. If I want a taste of the buttery stuff, I eat it when my hubby is around, he ends up eating most of it, but I still get the taste. Lucky for me he wants to gain weight :)

I like the Pop Secret Homestyle 100 calorie packs.  They are just enough for me and they taste great too!

I think I get the Act II 100 calorie pack popcorn.  It's 94% fat free and they make a butter flavor and a kettle corn version.  The bag says there is 110 calories unpopped, so that is what I count. 

Use a food scale to just weigh the popcorn when it's popped. That's what I do. I measure it in cups, so about 3 or 4 cups equals 25g...I bought a little bag of popcorn the other day ready popped to snack on and the pack said 13grams but it was full to the brim with popcorn haha!!

Hi, my microwave popcorn is the Boy Scouts Campmasters Brand. Its 32 calories for one cup and I usually get just a little over 7 cups out of one bag. Other brands might have more or less calories per cup popped, but that was the easiest way for me to calculate how many calories I was enjoying! Hope this helps!

Those stats apply to regular unflavored popcorn without salt or butter-- NOT the CRAP that comes in those microwaveable bags. 

100g unpopped kernels = 375 calories

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