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for those of you celiacs or gluten intolerant -- is all popcorn gluten free?  i thought plain, air popped popcorn would be gluten free, but i just ate some Trader Joes Lite Popcorn 50% Less Fat, and now i feel sick. 

the ingredients are: air popped corn, canola oil, salt. 

that's it...however, it doesn't say on the bag that it is gluten free.  nothing in the ingredients should affect me though, right??  i've only been gluten free for a few days but my symptoms have dramatically lessened in the past 3 days.  this is the first time i've felt before i went gluten free.  i know it's early but i'm kinda worried that i felt sick, since i should be able to eat popcorn?!?

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The popcorn is gluten free; although it  may have been processed in a plant that also processes wheat.  If that is the case there is a possiblity that the corn has been contaminated. 

In the four and a half years I have been on the GF diet, I have found that food is best a safest if I can eat it in a state as close as possible to natural. I avoid most processed foods to avoid contamination, and in the case of popcorn would not but popcorn and an air or mocrowave popper instead of the processed packets!

Good Luck. I have found great success on the GF diet and feel 100% better then I did prior to my diagnosis. ( meaning younger, more energy, happier and healthier!)

My sister has just been diagnosed with celiac disease (and now I have to get tested too since I show some symptoms Frown) and after doing some research popcorn doesn't contain any gluten. But just like mcastrogiovanni1 said, sometimes there is cross-contamination where a wheat product touches a non-wheat product and the gluten-free product now contains gluten.

So stick to Act II (except the extreme butter version) and Orville Redenbacher's popcorn. If you check their website they state that there is no trace of gluten in their products and no chance of cross-contamination.

I also have celiac disease.   It has been about 4 months since I learned of this so although I have learned a lot I am still somewhat in the trial and error stage.   

Regarding the popcorn, I also got sick the 3 times that I have eaten popcorn in the last 4 months.   Since my diagnoses I have found that there are also many other foods that I am sensitive to.   One of them is canola oil.   If I eat anything with canola oil in it I get sick.  There is an article I found on Google entitled 'Why you should never eat vegetable oil or margarine'.  It talks about canola oil and is quite enlightening.

I have celiac disease and stick to orvielle redembacker or air popped stuff at home! Good luck
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Stay away from microwave popcorn is my advice. Who knows what goes into a processed food that might make you sick. It's not that hard to make popcorn from scratch to find out whether it really bothers you.
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