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Popcorn and the calories it has?

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I have a question. I eat a lot of act ll pocorn. I love it. I'm confused about the cals. ect in it. The box reads "

Serving size: 3 Tbs. unpopped ( Makes about 6 cups popped)

Servings per bag : about 2

Servings per carton : about 16

My question is about the servings. Is it 2 servings upopped or 2 servings popped per bag. Just wanted to know if anyone else could tell me now. So I would not have to pop another bag today to find out? I'm lazy like that. lol

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A serving of popcorn is 3 cups popped according to the American Diabetics Association exchanges - that would be two servings per bag.  Hope that helps.

While I am in here, I would like to introduce myself as a new user, I am hoping that this site will keep me encouraged in a weight loss program.  I have a couple of questions if anyone can help answer them.

First, I lost weight,then over the past two years have gained it back, but I have gained it in my belly (which I never had before) can anyone explain why and how to help get rid of it first? Incidentally I am 33 years old, could this be why?

Second, I read about VLCD (very low calorie diets) and wonder how healthy are they, and how long before you fall into starvation mode?  The calorie calculator recommended me to have about 1400 calories per day, but will not lose the weight I want for about 2 years, this seems so long.  I was hoping to drop about half of the weight in the next six months.  Help anyone?

Let’s answer your question.

First, a bag of POPPED SMART POP (Orville Redenbacher) at 6 cups has 100 calories.

You can sprinkle Molly McButter Cheese on it (5 more calories) and that is really good also. Or cocoa powder – in the brown tin. Try that one. 2 grams fat.

Now regular bargain basement popcorn POPPED is 6 cups, 100 calories. 2 grams fat.

ALWAYS look at the popped count; you are not going to eat it un-popped are you? And 2 grams of fat is nothing, if you are having a cow about that you have an issue.  You need some fats.

Now, about losing weight gaining weight and you are 33 years…well my darling welcome to the wide and flighty world of estrogens. Estrogens are not just in your body, they are in MANY foods you eat. Please reference the “Anti-estrogen DIET” which is not a diet book at all, but a tool to teach you what estrogens are in and what they are not in.

I don’t see your height and weight here. So I cannot guess at the calorie count. Unless you are very large you can certainly go to 1200 a day for a woman your age.

I keep mine under 1000. Why? I am small build, 48, not inactive (yet need to increase my activity back to better levels) and I do not NEED more than 1000 calories a day. Your body will tell you when you have balanced it right.

Here are my other suggestions for you. And before you say “You can’t do it” or “my family won’t do that” YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you want to, especially in this country! DO what you want and need to do to live in the glorious body you’ve been given as long as you can in good health! Start NOW.

  • Stop eating all meat for two weeks

    • This will provide a cleanse of sorts for your poor colon, to take it further, on a weekend when you can, eat a whole watermelon (a small one) in one day. A perfect gentle cleanse for the system.

  • After the no meat period, do not eat meat each night. LEARN TO COOK vegetarian things that replace yummy meat things, its good for your body and the planet. You can turn any meat recipe into non meat and not suffer hunger! In fact you have to watch as some vegan items are full of fat and calories.

So find the balance in between both, and do that!

  • Count your calories, and your families! You have to do this together dear. If they shove pizza (a non healthful one) in your face, tell them you RESENT them sabotaging you! Sabotage is unkind and must be dealt with immediately to quell that behavior by loved ones.

  • At parties offer to bring something. Make it yourself and you know what is in it.

  • Don’t complain “cooking takes too long” or “I don’t know how.” I can cook 50 different dinners in less than ten minutes, and 200 more in 30, and they are homemade and I control what is in it. DO it girls! And Guys!!

  • Allow calories for ice cream, nuts, dairy and things you love. A glass of milk and two hard boiled eggs is really good for you and the compounds in them will HELP (!) with weight loss!!

  • Research every food you put in your mouth. Who made it? What’s in it? How many calories? More importantly perhaps, what compounds does it contain and what do they do for me? (Like berries, fruit, veggies, nuts, grains) learn it all!

  • Remember Learning is key. ..Just like back in school. You care for the body it will work better longer.

  • MOVE THAT BODY EVERY DAY. I do it at work. I do “desk up” and “desk downs” which is forward and backwards facing push-ups on my desk, does front and back of arms. I take the long walk to everywhere in my building. I walk ten minutes at lunch and three other times if I can a day. It’s easier for me then 30-40 minute walk at once. I do squats in the office. I bet the cameramen love that.

Play with your dog, your cat, your child, as soon as you get home. Make it a habit. Stretch when you rise, make that a habit. HABITS help you! You can learn a new one in a week so hang in there. If you have trouble, write down what it is you need to do then stick to that.

  • Use an online calorie counter, and put EVERYTHING in there. I use the free one on Google, has helped an incredible amount.

I can go on and on truly. It’s all learning. I lost 17 pounds in four weeks (yes, I did.) I stopped exercising (had company) for two and lost nothing.

Started again, lost 2 pounds this week. I started at 157 (five feet tall) and I will stop at 120 or a little under. My body will naturally adapt and do that! I am not starving, craving, killing myself or exercising to death. I am almost fifty. Why do I do all this? Because the onset of 120 dis-eases I can name off the top of my head start with –what? BEING OVERWEIGHT. Truly. And stop those mammograms ladies, use Thermal imaging, look up the current study in the UK on mammograms and how many lives they really save, then look up the negative effect of 30 years of small dose radiation.

You may say “who is this chick?” I am a smart chick who should write a book, I cured my own cancer; I have very few wrinkles, look good, and cooks like the chefs on the food channel. (I do that for fun.) And are we (my family) missing anything because I watch what we eat, limit meat and limit calories? Well – no one thinks so and my two houseguests over the last month said it was the best they have eaten for a while 

So take heart. Learning is key. Habit is key. And trying is key. Had a bad day? Ate an entire cake? So what. Don’t do it tomorrow. Love thy self, good women – because you are all goddesses!!!!!!!!!!!!


If your looking for some good popcorn I recomend Jolly time's America's Best 94% fat free its only 100 calories for the whole regular not mini sized bag :D ew?object=532 you can get the full nutrition facts there! Hope I helped!!!!

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Original Post by purkitty:

Hey yall, I just got off the phone with act ll 94% fat free butter popcorn co.  A serving is 3 cups=  each 1 cup has 20 cals., and 2.5 gs. of fat. So each serving is 60 cals. and 7.5 g of fat.   CRAP  lol Thanks for all the help. 


Given that 1g of fat = 9 calories, that sounds like they fed you a load of crap (2.5 * 9 = 22.5 calories just from fat)

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