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Popcorn and the calories it has?

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I have a question. I eat a lot of act ll pocorn. I love it. I'm confused about the cals. ect in it. The box reads "

Serving size: 3 Tbs. unpopped ( Makes about 6 cups popped)

Servings per bag : about 2

Servings per carton : about 16

My question is about the servings. Is it 2 servings upopped or 2 servings popped per bag. Just wanted to know if anyone else could tell me now. So I would not have to pop another bag today to find out? I'm lazy like that. lol

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A serving of popcorn is 3 cups popped according to the American Diabetics Association exchanges - that would be two servings per bag.  Hope that helps.

While I am in here, I would like to introduce myself as a new user, I am hoping that this site will keep me encouraged in a weight loss program.  I have a couple of questions if anyone can help answer them.

First, I lost weight,then over the past two years have gained it back, but I have gained it in my belly (which I never had before) can anyone explain why and how to help get rid of it first? Incidentally I am 33 years old, could this be why?

Second, I read about VLCD (very low calorie diets) and wonder how healthy are they, and how long before you fall into starvation mode?  The calorie calculator recommended me to have about 1400 calories per day, but will not lose the weight I want for about 2 years, this seems so long.  I was hoping to drop about half of the weight in the next six months.  Help anyone?
Yeah, I am having this problem also with the ACT butter 94% fat free.  How many calories per bag ...the ladies at work told me 120 calories per popped bag, I hope they are right.  Good question purkitty, I hate confusing labels. 
Thanks yall,    Donanana, Hi and welcome to the best site I have ever found.  I have been here for 7 wks and have lost about 15 lbs. ( I just got a new scale and of course my wt. went up four pounds). It will not take you long  for your body to go into starvation mode if you don't get the right amount of cals.  Just a few days. Keep in mind you can change your goal date and that will adjust you calorie amount you can have. I am 33, 5'2" tall. I started at 162lbs. (if I go by my new scale) I can have 1150 cals. a day and be at 110 ( my long-term goal ) by December of this year. Right now my short-term goal is 130 by June 1, of this year. ( I hope).  I'm the worst at exercise, so I get very little. I guess that is what it takes to get the fat off of your belly faster!? I have the same problem. Right now I'm at 144.4 lbs . I have gone down a pant size, and I can see my face is alot thinner. My belly is still big. Make a profile of yourself so I can put you on my friends list if you want.  Pop in and talk anytime. I hope this helps you.

Mjtoto, Crap  I thought I had found something real good. I counted it at 40 cals. a bag. lol. Oh well its still ok.
MY question about popcorn is, why do they advertise 100 calorie single serving backs that have less than 3 cups of popcorn, but if you pop a whole normal size bag, 3.5 cups, its only around 60 calories!! I don't get it.

I think that its about 2 servings, popped, per bag.  Unpopped, its the same size - 2 servings, but if you notice, the calories and fat drops dramatically after popping.
Im going to call them and see what they say about it because I eat a lot  sometimes 2 bags a day.  Of course my kids help. I'll let yall know what they say.
now let me ask you about the fat in Popcorn.  I will look at the calories and say yum but the fat makes me scream!  I want to eat popcorn at night if I get hungry but cant put the fat in my body that late.  I will check in the 94% fat free stuff.  How much fat is in it?  I always buy the small bags of orville- kids love it.
Hey Slappy,  I have a box right here it says total fat 2.5 g  per serving. .05 of saturated fat.
Hey yall, I just got off the phone with act ll 94% fat free butter popcorn co.  A serving is 3 cups=  each 1 cup has 20 cals., and 2.5 gs. of fat. So each serving is 60 cals. and 7.5 g of fat.   CRAP  lol Thanks for all the help. 
thanks purkitty!
I'm reading the side of my orville Redenbacher's smart pop popcorn, and this has - as popped, 1 cup proveds 0g total fat, 0g sat, 0g trans, 0mg cholesterol, 30 mg sodium, 3g total carbs, less than 1g protein and fiber.

Sounds pretty good to me.

oh, and 15 calories per popped cup
I'm going to check that one out. Fluffydragon thank you.
I eat the Smart Pop too, fluffydragon-it's taken the place of chips in our house. ^_^
I eat the Boy Scout Popcorn and put extra butter on it.  One bag without extra butter is more than 400 calories.  Popped a bag yesterday and then realized I did't want to blow all my calories on popcorn.  So I ate less than a cup and threw the rest out. 
Get the Jolly Time Minis- either Healthy Pop Butter Flavor or Healthy Pop Kettle Corn- no fat and only 100 calories for the whole bag!!
I discovered a gold mine the other day in the popcorn aisle at the grocery store orville Redenbacher's smart pop has mini bags of popcorn, so cute! Each bag only contains 100 calories and contains 6 cups popped. Butter flavor too. I love it!
I love Act II 94% fat free and 100 cals per tastes like popcorn to not sweet or buttery..Just good :)

Cals per BAG....100

Cals from fat......15

trans fat.....0g




Dietary Fiber.....8%


popcorn confuses the dickens out of me lol! I refuse to buy it now because I don't understand it lol. Instead, I buy prepopped popcorn (by Wise I believe) 70 calories per cup and it tastes awesome.
A Weight Watcher trick I learned was to spray plain popcorn with Pam right away when it is still hot and then you can add that flavour stuff which may have less calories and it will stick to the popcorn.  I am not sure how many calories are on the flavourings though, sorry! 
haha - i just had the jollytime butterolicious light popcorn- and it was WAY too salty!!! yuck.
Sometimes it seems like I live on Orville Redenbacher SmartPop individual-serving bags. No transfats, 100 calories, lotsa fiber, not too salty or greasy, cheap... yum. 
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