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What can i put on popcorn (besides butter)?

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I've heard of...

chili powder
garlic powder

I'm sure there are plenty more.  I'm trying to stretch my imagination.  :)  What are your favs?
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A little peanut oil and nutritional yeast is very good.  I also like curry powder and plain black pepper.

Edit:  I also had a roommate who would put some combination of sugar/salt on popcorn to make this wonderful kettlecorn type stuff.  I have no idea what her 'recipe' was though...
Where are you from? In Canada they sell Kernals toppings which come in different flavours - Ketchup, Dill, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, Ranch, BBQ..... I think there may be some others too...
woooah, those sounds good eveyone!  thanks! 

(i'm from California btw).

:)  cool.
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parmesian cheese (grated) hot sauce cocoa powder romano cheese (grated) those packets of powder to make dip with ( They are usually by the salad dressings and come in flavors like ranch and sour cream and onion)
I'd do a bit of splenda and salt to make kettle korn.  Doesn't need much.

I also use the spray of I Can't believe its not butter"  A couple squirts shake it up and a couple more
I don't know if you are watching your sodium intake but there are things like Mrs Dash and other herb blends that are pretty tasty. 
i love lemon or lime juice and/or mongolian fire oil... and dipping it in laughing cow light swiss! yum.

or cream cheese and raspberry jam....
ooooh.  these all sound so delicious.  I just had a bowl -- i sprayed some of the olive oil in a bottle stuff (0 cals for 1/3 of a second!), put some salt and parm cheese.  sooo good.  it was all nice and warm so it melted.  oh and a little black pepper.  YUMMY.  so guys are making me want some more.   

I love popcorn.  I seriously love popcorn.  I don't like air popped corn, and I'm distrustful of the trans fats in microwave "light" brands.  I have a Whirleytop stovetop popper, and I've found that I can make loads of popcorn in it with only 1 tsp of vegetable oil.  That ends up being very little fat per serving.  But the reason I'm mentioning it is that the same place I ordered the popcorn popper from, has a variety of flavored seasonings as well.  They are very fine, so they will stick to popcorn that is pretty dry.  They also sell wonderful old fashioned pop it yourself popcorn.  Check them out!
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I like to spray "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" and then add some seasoned salt like Lawry's or Tastefully Simple's seasoned salt.  Very good if you ask me :)
Good question, I think I'm going to flavor up a future batch :o)

Yum, the best flavored popcorn I have had was in Atlanta at a restaurant I can not remember.  I believe it had rosemary in it.  Truly refreshing!

I haven't tried any...yet, but (a personal favorite website) has some of the following recipes (Click for link to recipe):

Vanilla Popcorn

Cajun Popcorn

Sweet and Spicy Popcorn 

Lemon Cloud Popcorn

Chili Popcorn 

Emily's Famous Popcorn 
Yeah, they all sound SO good.

I don't know if you like dark chocolate, but a little square of dark chocolate melted on top of your popcorn.

Or even try peanut butter, caramel, white chocolate and drizzle them on top. All together or not!

I second, its fantastic!
I like to spray it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and then sprinkle some reduced fat parmesan cheese, garlic powder and a tiny bit of cayene.

I spray a few squirts and add a bit of the toppings, mix, then repeat a few times. 
I know it sounds strange - But get plain popcorn (or with only a bit of butter if you like) and then dip it in a little bit of vanilla flavored yogurt - its like two snacks in one! I get the popcorn and a little bowl of yogurt and then just dip each piece in - it only needs a bit. This way it takes you longer to eat and each piece is savored. I was skeptical of this the first time I heard it - but don't knock it till you try it! Its good!
i use molly mc butter it comes in several different flavors
Lawry's Garlic Salt
Butter Buds... like no calories!! Tastes like butter without the calories.
I saw this on HG. They have SO many flavors:

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning
I wonder what curry powder would taste like on popcorn..

cinnamon and splenda sound good.
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