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Popcorn air popped?

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I've been reading that air popped popcorn is better then the microwave ones but I have no clue how to make it! Do I need a machine for it or is there any other way? I have the kernels at home just never knew how to make them! Also it will be a good snack rather than munching on other things!
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I think u do need a machine to do it.

I have one at home, and its easy to use. They are also fairly cheap. I got mine for 20$ canadian at The Bay. Just check out walmart or something. ^^

One thing though is, if you are used to eating microwave popcorn, you may not like air popped. There is little to no flavour (just a hint of sweetness). Also those popcorn seasonings/salt don't really work either since they do not stick to the popcorn at all. I dont have Pam at my house, but maybe if you spray first, and then season it will work.
i usually pop popcorn on the stove (with a little bit of olive oil in the bottom of the pan)...but you can also pop the kernals in a microwave.  put them in a brown paper lunch bag, fold over the top a few times, and go for 1 - 2 minutes (depending on your microwave).  Not all the kernals will pop...just save those and use them for another time.
Will try the microwave ones today I think. Really want to try making them myself! If I make them in the pot how many calories do they have? Is it much different?
just add the calories of the olive oil that you put on the bottom of the pot...1 tbsp is 119 calories.  how much you use depends on the size of your pot, since you want to cover the bottom to make sure the popcorn doesn't burn. 

when you do pop them on the stove, once they start popping, it's best to hold the pot an inch or two above the burner and shake it back and forth a little.  this is so the kernels don't stay too much in one place and burn.  i always find that it's much more rewarding to eat the popcorn that you did on the stove b/c it takes more time and energy.
I "air pop" in the microwave in a paper bag (lunch sack) all the time -- it's easy, fast, and I don't need oil.  It takes about the same amount of time in my microwave that "regular" bags of microwave popcorn take.  When it's done - I spritz it with a few sprays of I can't believe it's not butter spray - and a little bit of spicy seasoned salt shake it up and munch away!
how cool!  I did not know you could pop in a lunch sack. I love microwave popcorn but the sodium just kills me.  I am going to try this!  Thanks!
I have an air popper and it works great.  The only thing I don't like is, there is no way to get seasonings to stick to the dry kernals.  I've tried spraying it with butter flavor spray (collapses the kernals and makes them soggy) tossing it with a little parmesan cheese or season salt (ends up in the bottom of the bowl and not on the popcorn)

However, I've gotten to like the taste of the plain popcorn.
Hi everyone! I am totally intrigued by this. I love popcorn. I didn't know you could pop corn like that either. I was planning to go out and buy an air popper if I could find one. But you know how that is, you go out and buy something and you never use it. Someone please tell me, do you just buy regular popcorn? How much popcorn do you put in the bag? I want to make this, but I don't want popcorn exploding because I put too much in the bag! I wonder if you would just melt a little bit of real butter (remember just a little!) if it would still be pretty healthy. Let me know what you think.
I never measure, but put approximately 3 Tablespoons in the bag - and yep regular plain popcorn does the trick!
Thanks, I can't wait to try this! Something else low cal to snack on!
Tried it and loved it!
I never thought of putting parmesan cheese on popcorn, Clairelaine, but that sounds awesome. A tbsp of the powdered stuff is only 20 calories!

To get the parmesan cheese to stick, get a tupperware bowl/container with a top. Sprinkle the cheese on and shake it up! You can use a paper lunch bag, too - just close and shake. You can also try cinnamon, pepper flakes, or I've even heard of taco seasoning powders or steak seasonings put on popcorn. Get creative!
Every time I make popcorn I have to share it with my dogs. They just go crazy when they smell it! Anyway I made it in the paper bag and had to make a second batch because the dogs ate so much. The first time I made it I sprayed the raw kernels with cooking spray to give it a little oil. The salt seemed to stick better than if they were completely dry. The second time I made it I sprayed the kernels with butter spray. That worked about the same but I think I popped them too long because they scorched a little.  I may sacrifice some calories next time and put a tiny bit of oil in. Just enough to coat the kernels so seasoning will stick.

if i got a popcorn maker (one of those pans you put over the stove) could i spritz that pam spray that has butter in it onto the kernals?  would that make it tasty?  i want a good snack that will help my weight.  i love popcorn

I love air-popped popcorn.  I have an air popper and use it several times a week.  I find that flavor sticks pretty well if I lightly spray the popcorn with something like Pam.  

Here's a website that is totally dedicated to popcorn:  This is the brand of flavor that I get; it can be found in lots of stores.  But just parmesan cheese and pepper is really good too.

I have an "air popper". It just looks like a bowl that you stick in the microwave with a loosly fitting lid.

I've found that popcorn salt doesn't stick very well, or anything for that matter. You could try to sweeten it up with some splenda and some cinnamon (cinnamon sugar popcorn) for a dessert snack. Just have to get it to stick. They used to make a splenda spray but I guess not anymore.

I was thinking about finding a "spritz" bottle and spraying it with a little salt and vinegar. I know salt/vinegar chips are pretty awesome. Or some Franks Red Hot. Yum. That seems like it wouldn't add on the cals. I'd have to find something with a really find a bottle with a really fine mist.

I actually prefer my air-popped popcorn to the microwave stuff.  I use a canola oil spray as it is coming out of the popper so it is fairly evenly distributed - the oil spray in one hand, popcorn salt in the other.  Quite salty enough for my taste, though I've been known to eat it plain too. 

I found my air-popper at WalMart for about $20.

I didn't know they still made air poppers - they're the best for popcorn - far healthier than micro or pan popped.  A light spray of butter-flavored oil spray and sprinkled with a butter or cheese flavored dry popcorn salt is just great!  Use the condiments carefully - high salt. 

I have a popcorn popping bowl for my micorowave.  I find that the popcorn is not as dry as the air popper so the toppings stick better.  I have never tried the paper bag but the bowl is amazing and you don't need to add any oil or spray.

I think the problem with most microwave popcorn is the oils and chemical they put in the bags but the bowl eliminates all of that and keeps in the natural moisture as well.


Where can you get a popcorn popping bowl for the micorowave? Living in Germany it might hard to get. What do they look like or is there a web-site that I could check out?



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