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Poll for Sweet toothed people!!

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If you are a sweet tooth and the bane of calorie counting is your urge to nibble on sweets or chocolate , I am interested to know what has in your experience worked best :

  1. Cold turkey

  2. Small indulgences daily/weekly

  3. Complete indulgence within your calorie limit

  4. Cold turkey + substitutes for the real thing e.g. Cocoa and Splenda etc.

I once did 21 days without any chocolate and it was actually not that hard and in fact I ended up going over the 21 days. When I tried Atkins , while I was super strict on myself I almost lost the taste for sweet things. Now I am stressed with up coming exams and can't seem to get enough of my fix. It seems I can do it in moderation :/ 

Interested to know what worked for you Smile

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How do you take the coconut oil?  Can it be added to a protein shake? 

thanks everybody , I like hearing how you're going about this. 

@hilpal I forgot about Chromium , used to take it a couple years ago. I think I may give it a go again. Stewed fruit , great idea! Cinnamon also very useful!

@nancy9393 and d_hag I find the same thing. I even found a 90% bar here and it was utter luxury in terms of flavor. So rich that all it took was a small piece. I definitely see a tendency to eat more the lower the cocoa value. 

@wolverton hadn't heard it before today but I know all too well what you mean!


I have some dark chocolate almost every evening.  I think knowing that I get this treat in the evening prevents me from needing a cookie or some other treat during the day.  Just a few pieces of dark chocolate that I eat very slowly and savor do the trick for me!  And I don't seem to scarf down the entire bag like I would with Reces Peanut Butter Cups or a bag of cookies.  I'm able to just eat a few.  I also save room in my daily calories for this treat - it's worth it!

I think I'm either doing option 4 or none of the above.  I have been using a product called Shakeology for over a year.  It is this super healthy meal/snack replacement that when blended with a frozen banana and skim milk tastes like a Wendy's frosty.  I haven't had any sweets in over a year and I don't even miss them since I have this daily healthy treat! 

Msg me or check out my profile if want more info.

I have to go cold turkey. I am a huge chocolate lover but I don't even think about it now. It's been at least a month since I've had any sweets.

One thing that works for me - If I am really craving sweets I eat a dill pickle spear. Only 5 calories and it kills that craving. Just don't eat too many because of the salt, but one does it for me.

I have a terrible sweet tooth! Honestly, I've tried going cold turkey and it's impossible!  To be honest, I pretty much workout extra hard so I can get an extra bag of swedish fish or chocolate craving fulfilled!  I'm a fiend for the gummy candies like swedish fish!  It's so easy for me to go overboard, so I just make sure it fits in my calorie allotment!

I've been maintaining my weight (lost 35 pounds) for over 2 years now and have not had any problems still indulging!  I still get nervous when I overindulge though, so I do keep track of some calories and watch the scale some just to make sure I don't start climbing back up! :)

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The only think that works for me is cold turkey. As soon as I eat anything sweet it starts cravings that continue for about 3 days. When I stay away from sweet things such as chocolate and deserts the cravings end. Now I stay off all things with added sugar including processed food and alcohol. As a result I have no cravings where previously battled on a daily basis.

I never had any luck with cold turkey. Adding healthy fats in lieu of other things has helped. I've also just switched to 1-2 oz of dark(est) chocolate to deal with my chocolate fix (darkest possible is good fer ya—USSF taught referees a whole unit on the stuff). If I get a tournament with 5-6 matches or a double header day with an 80 and a 90 minute match, I'll accept a cupcake after. Bottom line though for sweet tooth issues for me has been the buy-down calorie and limiting myself to 1-2 sweets per week (smallest serving and really being picky about which sweets to have—most commercial grade stuff I avoid). For me that's "moderation" and works the best.

There is no way I can go without Dark Chocolate, 70% or higher is the best.  The one I like is one that has 5 pieces individually wrapped.  The serving size is 2 but I can get by just eating one.  I think it is easier to resist another because you have to unwrap another and it brings it home.  I usually have mine at the end of the day after I have totalled my day's calories. I can really savor the flavor.

I give myself a mixture of 2, 3, and 4. I know that I can't give something up cold turkey forever...I'm more likely to quit my program and binge on the thing I've banned myself from. I try to find as many lower calorie alternatives as possible, but I've found that following the 7x7 rule has helped the most! I allow myself to eat (at most) 1oz. of 70% or higher dark chocolate everyday. Doing that, and pureeing frozen fruit has pretty much knocked my desire for anything else out of the picture. For the most part;)

I Agree! We all as a nation believe fat is evil... Our skin needs it a lot, without it we wrinkle more!

   Quitting processed candy has to be cold turkey. I learned if you have a little, you always want a little.. If you add some organic sugar or fruit sugar you don't develop the addictive cravings...

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I consider myself a food addict (mainly a carb addict), so it's generally a  lot easier to avoid my personal "binge" foods completely--particulary chocolate, baked goods, and ice cream. However, if I still encounter a really bad craving that I can't seem to dispel, I might have a scoop of sugar-free ice cream or a couple of sugar free cookies, or a few small pieces of dark, sugar free chocolate.  But I have to be really careful because those items can be addictive also and they still contain a lot of empty calories. I also find that the sugar alcohols in the sugar free products can cause a great deal of gastro-intestinal distress if overeaten.

I eat fruit every day, pears being my favorite. (I am allergic to apples). To keep my weight falling off I have eaten salad for lunch every day (or supper if I eat out at lunch) and I put a diced pear, blue berries, strawberries or raisins in for a bit of sweet along with my veggies. Melon works well with certain dressings as well. I also love fudge popsicles and have at least one a day. The brand "Fudgesicle" is very chocolaty and only 100 calories. If I go out to dinner or my kids I sample the dessert, no need to go over board but I do get in my "sweet" taste. Quaker Oats makes caramel rice cakes that taste like caramel popcorn. Love those as well and with only 50 calories they are a good choice. There are a lot of normal sweets that are not super high calorie but are crunchy or chocolatey enough to satisfy.  I have lost 40+ pounds without a single binge or feeling deprived with this method.

When I first began losing weight I was determined to do all I could to become healthy as soon as possible, so I wanted to be on a strict diet.  Pushing myself really hard during the first few months helped me build a strong mental foundation for losing weight.  I never felt deprived with food because I saw positive changes with my body so quickly from being on a strict diet.

Now that I'm nearly done losing weight (getting in shape is another story!) I do allow myself indulgences here and there, because I'm trying to learn how to balaance healthy living with, well, living.  Friends and family love to share treats and special (fatty) meals so I know it will always be in the picture.

I have learned to make treats as healthy as possible, however.  Some of my favorite treats are homemade cocoa-roasted almonds, frozen banana "ice cream", raisins with almond butter and cocoa powder blended for "truffles", healthy homemade granola, greek yogurt with fruit, etc.  As I've been living healthier I find that I just don't enjoy the sugar bomb-type foods (pecan pie, sugar cookies, very rich ice cream, etc) very much anymore, in fact they usually give me indigestion and bloating and are too sweet to be enjoyable.

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#1 and #2 (sort of)

Let me explain: I love sugars and sweets and milk/white chocolate but I absolutely hate dark chocolate. Unfortunately, dark chocolate is the most healthy sweet. So back when I was watching my sugar intake, I used mini dark chocolate chips.

Since I hated the taste of dark chocolate, I would have to force myself to eat almost 200 calories of it (60 chocolate chips) everyday, throughout the day Truthfully, though, even though I snacked on the chips from morning till night, I still couldn't get through more than 30 of them in a day. And, whenever I craved something sweet, I'd just break out my little baggie of chocolate chip, pop a couple in my mouth, and suck on them until I was satisfied.

This method worked pretty well- I was able to keep it up for about a month until I ran out of chocolate chips and replaced them with chocolate that I actually liked. I ended up losing about 15 pounds in that one month period using this plan (20-30 mins of easy exercise like yoga a day, eating many times during the day, drinking lots of tea, and my chocolate thing). I think, if you're a person who loves chocolate but isn't as fond of the bittersweet, this type of resrestriction is worth a try.

I went with 2 and 3 after all its about a healtier lifestyle for the rest of my life and theres no way id give up cakeand biscuits and nice stuff for the rest of my life!

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