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Poll for Sweet toothed people!!

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If you are a sweet tooth and the bane of calorie counting is your urge to nibble on sweets or chocolate , I am interested to know what has in your experience worked best :

  1. Cold turkey

  2. Small indulgences daily/weekly

  3. Complete indulgence within your calorie limit

  4. Cold turkey + substitutes for the real thing e.g. Cocoa and Splenda etc.

I once did 21 days without any chocolate and it was actually not that hard and in fact I ended up going over the 21 days. When I tried Atkins , while I was super strict on myself I almost lost the taste for sweet things. Now I am stressed with up coming exams and can't seem to get enough of my fix. It seems I can do it in moderation :/ 

Interested to know what worked for you Smile

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I'm currently having some success with a combination of number 2 and 3. I find that if my whole diet is balanced I don't actually crave sweets... at least not much. The more protein and fat I have in my diet and the less carbohydrates, the better I do.

If you want some sugar, maybe pair it with a healthy fat and a protein. I basically promised myself that I wouldn't eat anything with close to zero nutritional value... if there isn't anything in it that my body needs then there isn't really a point in putting it in there (no matter how much my taste buds might object.)


ex: avocado, almond butter, salmon, whole eggs, coconut oil..etc. at EVERY meal. 

Fat keeps you satisfied in a way sugar can't. It adds flavor, creaminess, and helps to regulate blood sugar levels. In addition it gives you healthy glowing skin, strong hair and nails, better digestion, helps your body absorb nutrients... and no, it does not give you high LDL cholesterol. 

I pretty much tried all of 1 through 4 at different times. 

Ultimately, what works for me is that I sometimes eat a lot of "sweets," often don't eat any, and pretty much just let common sense be my guide, except during the holiday season and when I am on vacation to visit my children or to attend a family reunion.

I have found that eating high sugar fruits like bananas will sometimes appease my desire for sweets, up to the point I grab a large candy bar and wolf it down.

losing weight number 2

maintaining number 3

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erm , i don't have candida issues but thanks.

I think i confused people , my weakness is really dark (80-90% cocoa) choc or at worst milk chocolate with nuts and fruit.

While I included sweets (gummies or hard boiled) in my description I don't actually really eat them or crave them. To be honest i have more of a craving for sweet spicy things.

I'm curious as to how other people deal with their vices to see if there was a trend.

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I have to go cold turkey! I am not just a one chocolate girl, I go way overboard and can't seem to pick myself back up again easily.

Hmm it's a mixture of two three and four :P I defiantly had to replace sugar with Splenda. I sprinkle it on fruit oatmeal and coffee. wouldn't mange without it. I always eat whatever I want and stay within my limit. And I allow myself 20-30g of cAke or frosting each day. So yeah. Haha.
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I have to go cold turkey! I am not just a one chocolate girl, I go way overboard and can't seem to pick myself back up again easily.

i think i have to agree with you on this one after the past couple weeks of experimenting ;) i mean just one....not a chance haha

No. 2

#2, and I use Hershey's dark chocolate kisses (20 cal/ea) -- unwrapping each one tends to slow me down. Also, if I know that I'm only allowed 1-2 kisses, then I tend savor them.

I've tried going cold turkey before, and that was a road to disaster! I don't handle deprivation very well at all.


My indulgence was coffee shop coffees.. first I would rig my day where I could fit a 500 calorie drink in without going over on calories.  I tried the "skinny" versions and didn't care for them... then I realized how much sugar I was consuming a day.  I've gone a week without... I've been a little grumpy, but I'm sure it will get better!

I had to go cold turkey, because I was not disciplined enough to "manage" my sugar addiction. However, I had a strategy where for 10 days I ate no added sugar, none (not in cereals, beverages, bread, salad dressing) not even my stand-bys like honey, maple syrup, or agave. I didn't follow any other restrictions, though, no counting calories and as much raw fruit as I could eat during that time. After the ten days, I began slipping stevia into things like my am coffee or my smoothies. I had tried stevia before, but didn't like it while I still had the taste of sugar, but this time around it was a welcome flavor. Now, I have replaced all my sugar with stevia and just don't eat products with already added sugar with the occassional exception of super dark chocolate. I've convinced myself the chocolate is therapeutic, so I indulge in about 2oz of 70% of higher 3-4 times a week. Since going through with that strategy, not only have I not really craved sweets, but when I did allow myself a nostalgic taste I found my old favorites too sweet to eat in a quantity anywhere near my former harmful habits.
I take chromium tablets - they help balance sugar levels and I find that I don't crave sweets so much anymore :) if I really need something though I go for a hot choc w splenda. Hope this helps!!
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Chromium supplements may be useful in reducing cravings for sweet things according to my doctor.  I took it while on an extreme dr supervised 'treatment' & lost loads of weight quickly. (Put the weight on & took it off & put it on & here I ...sigh).  Chromium is present in loads of foods so a supplement may not be necessary if you like broccoli.  This link lists dietary sources & seems to suggest that chromium depletion may be age related & possibly useful in managing glucose intolerance - though to date the evidence is inconclusive.

On another note, I'm experimenting with the best quality chocolate drops I can find - I bag & freeze small quantities - so if I want to binge @ least I need to march backwards & forwards to the freezer Laughing

I've also been pleasantly surprised with how sweet & satisfying a low GI fruit shake for breakfast can be.  Stewed apple (or watermelon or whatever you like), banana, coconut water (great low cal source of potassium), yoghurt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, espresso shot...I keep leftovers for post work afternoon munchie attacks.  The trick seems to be not getting myself into  will power test in the first place.  The shake keeps me satisfied & seems to reduce anxious craving feelings.

Hope this makes sense. xx

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I do a combination of the first three.

I have chocolate cravings for accouple days a month, and when they hit the only way to satisfy them and stay in calories is extreme dark chocolate.   The higher the cacao percentage the less I need to satisfy my craving.  Generally 60% cacao take multiple pieces of chocolate.  70% cacao takes 1 or 2 pieces, and 80% or above I only need one.  By piece I mean 1 square from a a large chocolate bar at around 60 calories a square.



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I find the combination of #2 and #3 works best. For me, though, I found that the real key to pulling this off is to eat only "quality" goodies, especially when it comes to chocolate.

For example, I get way more satisfaction by savoring two squares of Lindt brand 70% cacao chocolate (20 gram serving, 100 calories, 6 g fat) than I get from a whole Hershey Special Dark chocolate bar (180 calories, 12 g fat). Same goes for ice cream. A single round scoop of Haagen Dazs is much more satisfying than a salad bowl of cheap store brand.

Plus, even though the quality brands cost more, I save money. I make sure to enjoy dark chocolate every day. A Hershey's Special Dark bar costs about a dollar, and that's one serving. Or a Lindt Excellence bar costs about three dollars for five servings. So over five days I save two dollars and 400 calories.

This applies to every snack or treat or sweet. Buy quality, eat less (and savor it), get more satisfaction, and save money. It's a win/win/win.

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No. 1

Have you heard the saying "One is too much and a thousand is never enough". I cannot stop at just one cookie or piece of chocolate. I am addicted so I had to go cold turkey on everything (sugar, honey, agave, raw sugar). Eating one sweeten item 90% of the time would send me into an eating binge.

I am not sure if you have seem this but it's a program to quit sugar over 8 weks, it may be of interest to you ook/

I do a combination.  I went cold turkey on chocolate at work.  My boss keeps a jar full of chocolate (mini snickers, twix, milky way, etc).  I found myself eating 2-3 pieces each day after lunch.  As of January 1, I have not had a single one.  I do allow myself little indulgences here and there but I am pretty picky about them.  I have to go out and buy something specific if I want it, other than sugar-free pudding, I don't keep anything sweet in the house.

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Small indulgences daily.  Can't go cold turkey bc it makes me want sweets even more! I allow myself one SMALL serving of chocolate after lunch and dinner (i.e., a few m&ms, a mini-size candy bar, half a chocolate chip cookie, etc.). My office buys a lot of cupcakes for special occasions, but I NEVER eat a whole serving (will have a 1/3 or split with someone else).  I have been able to maintain a very healthy weight by eating healthy, working out (admit I weigh myself daily) without giving up sweets completely!  Wink

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