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Everybody has an opinion about liver.  Information from  Nutrition facts for cooked beef liver: 3 oz portion - calories: 162, total fat: 4g, cholesterol 337mg, sodium: 67mg, zinc: 30%, vitamin b12 1,000%, selenium 44%, phosphorus 42%, niacin 74%, B6 43%, Iron 31%.  CC gives it a nutritional grade of A.

So what's your opinion - do you love it or hate it?
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Hate.  With a passion.  Now liverwurst lunch meat I like...but plain old liver?  That was the source of many "you're not getting up from the table until you eat your dinner!!" type evenings.  So...HATE it, haha.

EDIT: I've read that calves liver is actually a lot better than beefs liver, in terms of taste and nutritional value.  Aparently they're young so it hasn't gotten all crapped up like a full grown cow's liver.  Just my 2 cents.
Love liver.  So does my eldest daughter.  She would actually ask me to make it when she was younger. 

Any organ in the body that is used to filter out impurities seems pretty icky to me to eat....


I love it, but don't have it often because of the cholesterol.  I'm having it tonight, broiled, because I've been very low in cholesterol for the past 2 weeks and I can afford it.  I'm having it with roasted potatoes, peppers and onions.

edited to add:  Almost forgot - a 145 gram piece of liver cost me .64 ($1.99 a pound)
I had to eat a lot of it when I was young and anemic. I love it. I don't cook it, though! Used to, but just .... cannot any more. I do get it out, however!
I haven't had liver in years, but I always liked it.
Ive never tried it.. Im scuuuuuuured
love the onions often cooked with it, but hate liver. Hate most organ meats. Braunschwieger (aka liverwurst) on the other hand, is yummy, but  I rarely buy it, because it is so full of fat and salt and other bad things.
HATE it!  This was the only food I ever got in trouble for not eating in my entire childhood.  Yes, that means I ate everything else ever put in front of me, including the often dreaded brussel sprouts, spinach, fish, sauerkraut, etc.  BLECH!
I heart liver. and kidneys and hearts and brains. organ meat is nummy. tripe, on the other hand, i only like in pho. it's a texture thang.
Yum!  But only broiled (otherwise it's not kosher!), and mixed w/ sauted onions & grated hard boiled eggs, and maybe a bit of boiled potato too.  Can you say cholesterol?!!
love it.havnt had it in ages the texture.
I love liverwurst (Braunschweiger) but I HATE liver!! 
HATE IT!!! As a kid, my mom (who loves it w/ onions!) would make it, and finally one day she made me a deal that if I ate half of what was on my plate she wouldn't make me eat it ever again.  I choked it down and havn't touched the stuff since! :)
I don't really care for it, but I will eat it. 
I'm a little scared, too!  I've never tried it, and it sounds gross.  When I was a kid my parents had a few 'arguments' over liver.  Mom loves it, dad hates it - forbid it to be served for dinner.  I remember he always said, "It's like eating the carburetor out of your car!"  I love tons of other "gross" food, though, so maybe I should try it.  Thinking about trying it...
Hate it...cooked or pate, its all gross to me, tastes like wet cat food.
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