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Please can anyone help. How many calories are oven roasted potatoes?

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I can not find in the food browser, potatoes oven roasted apart from the commercial products. I use nadine potatoes (white potatoes) I peel the potatoes cut them in half and while Im preping them I heat the oven at gas mark 8 and heat up the sunflower oil until really hot, I use a roasting tin and fill the tin with oil to about 5 mm deep. I then add the potatoes to the hot oil and using a spoon I coat the potatoes with the oil and place them in the oven for 45 minutes. throughout cooking I turn the potatoes and using a spoon will use the hot oil to coat them again. Once cooked I place potatoes onto a plate covered with kitchen paper and remove excess grease. The potatoes dont appear to take up any oil apart from their outsides. They are always crisp browned and fluffy and light in the middles.

I have tried to enter amounts into the new recipe, but theres no way of logging the oil and if I try adding oil I use it becomes crazy with calories. So I realise thats not the way to do it. Please help!

Any Ideas on the calories of a 4 ounce portion? Oh and I also place an onion and 3 cloves of garlic to the oil not to eat just to flavour the oil I dont use any salt or pepper.

In time for Easter Sunday please as we fancy a roast.

thanks Astral hippy

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Hi Astral,

the only way to determine the amount of oil is for you to measure out how much oil you start with and then to measure the oil that's left over after you're done.  The difference is the amount the potatoes absorbed and would be the amount you'd include in your recipe.

Sorry there's not an easier way to calculate potato oil absorption.

(or if there is, I don't know about it)


Thanks for that, someone else has suggested coating the raw potatoes in the oil and then putting potatoes on a hot roasting tin or baking tray, so they are coated rather than swimming. This is all helping loads. Thank youLaughing

If you roast the potatoes @ 450 - use PAM (the spray), you'll have very little adjustment to make for any 'fat or oil' absorption.

If you partially cover your potatoes during the roasting process (foil), you'll utilize a bit of 'steam' to cook/roast the potatoes, and this requires even LESS fat.

I use NO fat; roast the potatoes WHOLE - cover (partially) with foil, and put 1/4 of a cup of ginger ale in the bottom of the roasting pan to create moisture and impart a 'hint' of ginger flavor.  I sprinkle the 'taters' with basil and thyme - when they're done after about 60 minutes (depending on how many I roast at a time), I don't use any butter because they're just yummy.

I prefer using red potatoes; not removing the skins (skins have good nutrition).

I also microwave these same red potatoes; same seasoning - ginger ale, etc., but I only have to do them for about 5 minutes; 3 minutes - rotate and turn over the potatoes, and finish for 2 more minutes (I use about 5 when I do it this way - any more than that, might require too much time - could dry out the potatoes).  Diane

I make these all the time.  The way I log it is this:  I weigh the raw potatoes and log 1/4 of this as my portion, in a 4 portion batch.  Then I measure one tablespoon of good olive oil into a bowl and toss the potatoes until they have just a sheen of oil all over them.  I log 1/4 of this oil for my portion.  Then I sprinkle on the seasoning and log a dash of salt, but nothing for the other herbs.

I roast them at 350F for about 30 minutes, stirring half way through to brown all sides. 

Thanks ever so much for all your good ideas. I now realise there are more ways to roast a tattie than I thought, great ways to logging them correctly so my sunday Easter roast will now go ahead smoothly cheers again to all.

Love and best wishes


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