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Plain yogurt...spoiled?

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Quick question..

Is plain yogurt supposed to have an awful bitter taste? I usually eat the dannon strawberry or peaches but thought Id try the low fat plain. It is very bitter but the date is May 22. Is it spoiled, or is that the lovely true taste??Sealed


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Probably just the taste. Plain yogurt takes some getting used to, mostly because flavoured yogurts have so much sugar/sugar alternatives added to them. If you don't like the taste you can and something like honey or maple syrup to give it a bit of sweetness. If you keep eating the plain stuff you'll probably find that the flavoured stuff tastes gross because it's too sweet!

Yep, plain yogurt is vile.
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It's gross, but it's cheaper.

Hey - I'm not sure that plain yogurt is any cheaper - unless you make it yourself.  I make my own out of powdered milk and each 6 oz container costs me about 12.5 cents each, with only 60 calories to boot!  I use artificial coconut flavoring in mine with some sweet n low - yumm - and I have recently discovered those zero-calorie packs you dump in bottled water - use about 1/4 tsp of one of those and you have so many flavors to choose from!  if anyone would like my recipe, I'd be happy to share it!

its the taste.

i mix it with 2 cups of strawberries. REALLY yummy.

i like plain yoghurt.  It's a great replacement for sour cream on baked potatoes, or on nachos or a lovely creamy addition to a vege soup.  I dont know if i'd eat it plain though. If you want to stick to a natural yoghurt without all the crap, maybe try a natural one sweetened with honey?  They are yum!

Experiment with the brand and the fat %. Liberty makes a fantastic 2% plain yogurt that's creamy and tangy and not bitter. I find skim yogurt to be thinner and more sour and bitter tasting than slightly higher fat versions.

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I don't like artificial sweetners and find flavored yoghurts too sweet.  However, Stonyfields makes a great plain yoghurt,it's just hard to find in my town.  It is true that if you can wean yourself off of all things with artificial sweetners, you will start enjoying the natural flavor in foods like plain yoghurt.  Now, if I have diet soda or other artifical sweetned item, it gives me a stomach ache.  Those things are chemically addictive.

I love plain yogurt. I eat it by the spoonful, although it's also good as a topping in place of sour cream.

But yeah, it's probobly just the taste. You'll just have to adjust.
Plan yoghurt is an acquired taste. It shouldn't be bitter but it is usually a little acidic.  If you're used to eating sweetened yoghurt the 'Real McCoy' is quite different.  Greek yoghurt is a little less acidic and, served with honey, is a fantastic dessert. 
You really have to get used to the taste of plain yogurt, especially after eaten sweetened or fruit yogurt. It took me a while but I think I've made the transition! Try adding honey, agave nectar or pure maple syrup to sweeten it naturally and/or add sweet fruit like grapes. Mangoes are also good!

mix it with granola and fruit SO! good!!

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Ty everyone!  I dunno if I can get used to the taste. I tried it again and I'm pretty sure my tongue detached itself, jumped through my lips as they began to purse tightly  together and ran out the front door!

A lot of good advice here, so I will give them a try.  ronna, Id love to get your recipe! I wonder if those flavored packets would help this tub of vile stuff I have now!?!?! lol.

Thank you again everyone!

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I mix fresh fruit with mine, a cup of blueberries is only about 70 calories, and some vanilla flavoring(organic, or pure) adds to it as well.  Grapes, strawberries, really any fresh fruit works, and you don't have all the "processed bad crud" in it.

that is the true taste unfortunantly. We made it in science class and at first we mixed strawberry preserves w. it and it was good but then we ran out of that and had to eat it plain and it was just awful

My understanding of yogurt is that it is essentially spoiled milk.  So as for it's being spoiled... well yes I suppose it is.  But it's ok to eat if you can stomach the taste.  Now if mold were growing on it, as I have found on occasion in my frig, then don't eat it.

Personally I don't eat yogurt.  I don't mind the taste, as long as it's sweetened with something, but the slippery consistency makes me gag after about 5 spoonfuls.  It's ok with fruit though... chunks of fruit that I can chew.  My kids and husband love it though.

Plain Yogurt is good when you are going to add some fruit to it. I sometimes use plain yogurt with my smoothie's and a scoop of whey protein powder. It's really good. It's also good to top of baked potatoes, and taco's. My kids don't know the difference. Plain yogurt has a taste you have to get use too.. I can't eat it alone.. It's awful to me when I try to have it all by it's self.. YUK.

But sometimes that's the price we pay when we want to eat a lot healthier than we did before.

You get used to it. And there are different types eg, i find vaalia creamy and nice, but jalna (aussie brands) disgusting. So try other natural ones, until you find one you like. Its tart but it makes a good contrast to fruit and then you can use it like sour cream in soups/dips
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