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Is Pizza that bad for you

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I had two small slices of pizza and I was looked at like I had eaten a whole pie or a whole chocolate cake. Is pizza really that bad for you? Caloriecount gives it a B rating, that doesnt seem too bad to me. I'm not on a diet, I am just trying to watch what I eat and lose weight the right way.

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Pizza everyday is bad for you. I don't see anything wrong with every once in a while!! If you can fit it into your calories it's fine. And maybe try healthy toppings to make it better for you.

In moderation, it's fine. Too often, not so much. It's healthier still if you make your own on a wholegrain base and control what goes on it!

thanks so much.. I dont eat it every day, its just I left the house today in a rush, and I didn't eat lunch. So when I got to work and there was pizza here, I figured it wouldnt hurt.

I sure hope not, I ate a whole 6 inch pizza today for lunch.  I'm probably a bit over my calories for today, but it was good, and I didn't have much choice, being stuck at work unexpectedly today.  (Well, okay, I didn't have to eat the whole thing.... Embarassed but it was good!)

Planning on having 2 slices for dinner myself.  I always start out by eating a big salad or other veggies BEFORE I get to the pizza so I'm not tempted for 3 or 4 slices.  I also add a bit of extra cheese if I'm low on protein for the day and I try to pick a pizza with lots of veggies.

Right now it's the only way I can eat more veggies (I am not a fan of my vegetables friends... trying to be though!). Make your own pizza and top it with loads of veggies; green peppers, onions, garlic, spinach, tomatoes (I don't even like tomatoes and I like them on pizza!!), broccoli, olives...I'm sure there's more... and a little bit a cheese. Heaven!

I'm not really a good cook... in fact, I am a total noob in the kitchen! I want to learn how to make pizza dough that has more flavor. Like maybe garlicy or something... I have recipes, just too scared to try. ;)

Use a napkin to blot off the extra grease on top.  Other than that, munch away!

Try this:

Bake a whole wheat pita topped with marinara sauce and cheese until melted.  It is soooo good but a much healthier option since you can control the amount of cheese.

Pizza Sauce (with no added sugar) = HEALTHY & DELICIOUS

Pizza Crust = NOT HEALTHY but probably DELICIOUS

Cheese = Artery Clogger & VERY UNHEALTHY

Meat Toppings = Say hello to a heart attack sooner or later! 

Veggie Toppings = Keeps you regular & heart attack free! 

jeez guys!  pizza is not bad!  you can eat pizza, burgers etc, its called being part of this world.  do you expect to eat at home all the time? no! pizza is good, ofcourse everything in moderation, thats all.

There's nothing wrong with pizza.  Component parts... bread, tomatoes, meat/fish, cheese, oil... all healthy in their own way.   Sometimes shop-bought ones go a bit overboard on the cheese and oil so they end up rather greasy but if you're only eating a slice or two rather than an entire thing the size of a dustbin lid it's not a problem.



when i was in 5th grade (seven years ago), my mother took me to see a nutritionist about my "little" weight problem. the nutritionist ACTUALLY said that pizza was okay because it had all four food groups; grains from the crust, meat from the pepperoni, dairy from the cheese, and vegetables from the sauce and any veggies you add.

i don't really agree, i'm just telling you what my (ex) nutritionist said.

The only problem is that it's generally a calorie rich food (not to mention high sodium.)

It's, therefore, very easy to accumulate a calorie surplus by eating pizza. I know that I, for instance, have to have my fill of pizza and find it very hard to stick to a small piece or two.

If I've been working out I'll sometimes have pizza.

What's a 1000cal of pizza compared to 1400cals of workout? A 400cal deficit is what. :)

In moderation it's not so bad. Yes pre-built ones can be high in sodium, but then that's true for any convenience food.

I no longer fuss over what I eat, as my BP is ok for a 48yo (120/68), my cholesterol level is normal.

Holy crap! Pizza is the best tasting food out there. yum yum. I can eat a full 12'' pizza myself! If you're active it doesn't matter, your body loves the carbs ( not too much, but come on now, pizza has all the great stuff too!). You're an active guy, guys needs these bigger meals/snacks. ( 200 cals for guys, 150 for girls, snackwise) apperently! Frig that though, I had pizza everyday for 4 days now, and I've been feeling perfect. Staying at a steady 110 lbs, eating thin whole wheat veggie pizza ( sometimes meat ) . Yes yes, pizza can be high in sodium, therefore you make it yourself, gourmet pizzas! Anything but greco hahaha, (gets me everytime)

Enjoy your pizza.
Give me a slice will ya?!

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Pizza can be healthy. :) Most pizza from places like Pizza Hut, Domino's, etc. isn't though.

If you make it yourself with whole grain flour, freshly-blended tomato sauce (tomatoes, onions, olive oil, salt, pepper), use lowfat cheese, and lots of veggies for toppings, it's great. :) Add some chicken for extra protein!

I was always told it was good for you... then I looked at the calories when I started this diet two weeks ago and OMG!  At a local pizza chain in my area a single pizza slice is 700 calories!  Granted its huge but MY GOD!  I use to eat those on a regular basis.

If you ask for less cheese and eat a small amount you might be able to fit it into a calorie restricted diet, but then you still suffer the rest of the day for it. 

you can make your own really good low cal pizza at home.  just take a whole wheat tortilla, spread some pizza sauce on it, and top it with low fat mozzarella.  then add turkey pepperoni, veggies, etc.  it's soooo good.  kraft makes a really good south beach diet pizza.  the whole wheat crust is to die for!

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Homemade is the way to go, plan to try this real soon.

Whole wheat / grain crust make thin

thinly sliced fresh tomatoes, as well as a few blended for sauce and basil added.

sprinkle some %2 cheese on it

pile on the onions and a few peppers


As I'm gluten intolerant, when I'm at home and fancy a pizza, I makea "pizza-omlette".

I use tinned tomatoes mixed with some herbs, tomato puree and anything else yummy and healthy, and heat and reduce for awhile. I then make an omlette base (eggs/egg whites and milk). Once the base is done I add the sauce, top with a little low fat cheese, and some peppers and mushrooms.

It's delicious!


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