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Pineapples .. Pineapples

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Who eats Pineapples? they do have so much sugar. are they good for diet? I know they are heatly food but I heard that we should be carefull when it comes to tropical fruit.

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Pinapple are fine for your diet. They don't have alot of sugar, compared to, say, a candybar. They DO have alot of vitamins, however. :) They have some fiber (Pineapple is mostly water, as you may have noticed.) which is good too. :)
i heard pineapple helps burn the fat inside your body,not sure if its true though but i add pineapple in fruit salads i make and it doesnt effect me :).i (LOVE) pineapple,its good for sweet craveings to.
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tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapple are higher in sugar than most other fruit.. so just dont eat too much of it
and pineapples are negative calorie foods
Thanks. what about tropical fruit in general? do I need to avoid them?
Girly: what is negative calorie foods ? thanks.
there is NO SUCH THING as negative calorie foods. all foods have calories!!!! except water or chemicals!
I have also heard Pineapples help burn the fat after a meal consisting red meat or other high fat food! So you could marinade your meat with pineapple juice (fresh) and it will help. Read in a paper in London. I absolutely Love it - dont care about sugar level and its natural sugar and not granulated sugar which is bad.
I just love pineapple whether they help me lose weight or not :) I usually go through about 3 pineapples a month, so refreshing!
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Pineapples are so yummy and are a great source of vitamins and fiber.  Eat up!
pineapples are delicious, but they are absolutely NOT a no calorie food! they have 75 cals. per cup i believe, far from negative calorie. i eat pineapple almost everyday cause we have that and berries here at work. just watch your portion like anything else!
negative calorie food doesnt mean its below 0 calories it just means that your body burns it more as you eat it,other negative calorie foods are celery,apples, it
Jun 26 2007 19:38
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I avoid them for berries or apricots.  The glycemic index is pretty high, like bananas.  So you get a sugar rush in a hurry - good food for exercise, but not for sitting around.
just because google says it doesn't mean it's true.... not.

glycemic load is different from "negative calorie foods"
Jun 26 2007 20:10
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I jumped in on the general topic of pineapple, not negative calorie foods. 
I LOVE pineapple!
I seriously think it's better than chocolate. As a matter of fact, my mom made chocolate chip cookies last night for her co-worker and of course there were a few extra...I decided I would eat a few slices of pineapple, then if I still REALLY wanted a cookie I'd have one. So I ate the pineapple and took ONE bite of a cookie and didn't even want it.

Even if pineapple has more sugar than most fruits and veggies, it's not even close to as much sugar as in candy/cake/cookies/etc. Not to mention it's natural sugar not processed. Plus it has vitamins and fiber as a few other people mentioned.
Pineapple is NOT a negative calorie food. In fact I don't think there are any negative calorie foods, with the exception of cardboard and ice cubes.

The reason stuff tastes sweet is because it is a good source of energy, with the exception of artificial sweeteners and stevia. Our ancestors developed a taste for fruits because they are high in energy. If they actually burned more calories than they provided, it wouldn't make a lot of sense, would it?

And if you were to google these things a bit more extensively, you'd see that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the subject of negative calorie foods.
when eating pineapple, eat copioius amounts. then, your mouth will get sore from all the acid and you won't be able to eat:)
try it grilled!  it's the best dessert ever.
Grilled?:) wow. never tried it grilled..

hockeygirl44: my mouth never gets sore from pineapples :) I just love it because it has too much sugar. i am just afraid to touch it these days..
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