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12 piece sushi roll question!

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I just went to the grocery store and got them to make me a 12 piece tuna/avocado roll with brown rice.  How many calories do you think this could be?  I've looked it up on sushi faq's and the answers I'm getting sound too generic or default to be accurate.


Thanks!  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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OMG..what a coincidence..yesterday ( tuesday lunchtine, aussie time), I got 2 salmon and avocado rolls at the mall, and was wondering how many calories, fat, carbs were in it. I've  tried working it out, but will have to bring one home next time to weigh it. (i usually chow them down in the car on the way home..a 20 minute drive).

All I can advise is to study the figures you get and estimate as close as possible to what your roll contained, even if it means working out the ingredients separately if you want to get as accurate as you can. That's all I do, but will check in to see what others have to say. 

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Number of calories depends on what type of rolls they were. I plugged in the ingredients based on what a typical sushi serving might be. Here's my guess:

If they were thin rolls (seaweed on the outside)- 261 calories

If they were inside out rolls (rice on the outside)- 471 calories

If they were inside out rolls and had additional avocado layered on top- 541 calories 

I hope this is helpful. 

12 Pieces of Spicy Tuna (Roll): 731 Calories

12 Pieces of Tuna & Avocado: 609 Calories (Probably from the avocado & rice... but the avocado - along with fish - adds healthy fat). 

what was yesterday? Sushi day? We did sushi too and I was just looking for an answer LOL

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