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Perfectly balanced Meal

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I was wandering if there is such a thing as a perfectly balanced nutrious day diet.

Basically what I am looking for is 100% of what I need in 1 day so that I could essenitally eat that EXACT same meal every single day for years and have it stay perfectly healthy.  Ignoring the fact that one might become bored of it.  Any suggestions?

money and boredom is NOT a consideration in this.  I would have to assume for meat, that salmon would be prime choice, but not sure.


If 1 day is unachieveable, perhaps just a 2 day plan.

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You're on the wrong track.  One meal is not going to give you everything you need.  Try for a totally balanced diet instead.  That way if one meal or snack is short on a nutrient, you make it up with the next meal. 

Where did you get such a bizaare idea anyway?

I am sorry if I stated it wrong

I never meant a single meal


I meant 1 days worth of meals( 5 meals + 2 or more snacks)

As an example s_3_66/ai_n13560329/

Basically the above lists the following

7-9 oz skinless chicken breast,
1 yam
1 cup of peas, corn, carrots
4 eggwhites + 2 eggs
1 serving cream of wheat cereal
1 banana
2 cups pasta ( wheat probably)
6-9oz lean beef( might want to replace this with something else?)
3/4 cup broccoli
1 cup fat free cottage cheese
4 slices rye toast
1 cup rice (natural wheat!)
turkey sandwich(mustard, turkey, wheat bread, turkey, low fat cheese)

This feels pretty close to a good balance of fruits/vegetables and meats, and carbs


However I might rotate the fruit around (apple, orange, banana)
and maybe rotate beef with fish or turkey/chicken

But the above lists pretty close
Not sure what "nutrients or minerals or vitamins is missing" but would be interested in researching it more


They do list some substitutes if you are wanting to gain more muscle vs lose more fat,

i.e. drop 1 cup of pasta and double up vegetables, etc... for each meal.
I just wanted something like that, but a little bit better but I think I am going to modify it myself to be a little bit better.


The above is a little high in overall calories and am hoping to adjust it to a lower total calorie during weight loss stage.

If you are interested in whether or not you are eating a balance diet go to This is really a very cool website that you can log in your daily diet and it will break it down and tell you if you are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that the USDA recommends. 

I had to do this for 3 days for a Fitness and Wellness class I was taking and I was surprised to see that my diet wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

I could help you come up with a meal plan custom-made for you. I don't want to just start throwing stuff out there, since I don't know your nutritional and caloric needs (they differ based on your age, height, weight, goals, etc.) although I'd be happy to plan you out something if you want to send me a message!

I love planning "balanced" meals that are also extremely easy and taste extremely good. I usually follow a percentage ratio of 20/35/45 (fat/protein/carb) and I never cut out any food groups or nutrients.

Hi Zebulancherry! I was wondering if you could extend that offer to a new member such as myself? I am a 34 yo real estate agent from the nw corner of Ohio and i am currently over 370 lbs.. I need to lose weight. i was very interested in the soylent movement until i realized that it tasted like wet sand! lol I love the idea that it has everything you need for an entire day in one package. The idea that i can just repeat the same action day after day without thought and have the assurance that I am getting 100 % of my daily nutritional value is something i have VERY interested in. So i found this forum post in an attempt to find recipes  of meals that could help me do this. I want to eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks and get 100 % of everything! If you could help me with this i would be VERY grateful :) I would have absolutely no problem with eating the same 3 meals and 2 snacks every day so all i would need is one day of this.

6 year-old thread. :-/

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