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Is 2% milk bad for you?

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I've been to many websites that say 2% whole milk is bad, and good!
Does it make you fatter because it's whole?
And does it make your chest bigger?
And does it make you have a higher chance of cancer?
So confusing!
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It has a few more calories than 1%...that's it.

You can only believe so much on the internet, I don't put too much thought in all those articles and reports (you can bet many of the sites against milk etc are vegan related, therefore biased). These reports are always saying both good and bad things about everything on this planet :P

I'm an agriculture major so I have had a ton of classes on this!  2% milk and whole milk are two very different things...whole milk is very high in fat, and you should probably not drink it on a consistent basis. a better choice would be to go for 2% or skim milk. 

2% milk is higher in fat than skim milk, but it is also has a lot more of essential vitamins than skim milk, i.e. Calcium, Protein, B12, and Vitamin D.  I've never heard anything about it making your chest bigger?

The assumption that milk could cause an increased chance of cancer is tied to bovine growth hormone that is sometimes given to cows to increase their milk production, but research has shown that growth hormones are species specific, meaning that bovine growth hormone is broken down by your digestive system and secreted as wastes.  In addition to that, there is very little of BGH that even gets through into the milk we drink. If it really worries you, you can drink organic milk.  It is twice as expensive but in order to be USDA certified as organic, the farm cannot use bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, etc. (although personally I think its a waste of money...)

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