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JUST got PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter!!!!!

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And im very excited.

But....i need some recomendations on good recipes!


Should i try it FIRST without water? (dry spoonfull) or should i add water the first time?

Cant' wait for this :D Guilt free peanut butter, ill have 8 tablespoons :D (still under 240 calories :D)
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Without water! sooo good dry (just a taste, 1/4 of a spoon).

Jelly goes really well with it too (dont even need water if you mix it right into the jelly).

Fruit juice makes some interesting things as well.
I have to say (don't be mad!) the fact that it's powdered sounds really repulsive and artificial to me. It is artificial? It just doesn't sounds natural at all ... 
Its simply peanuts that have their oil removed... its about as natural as flour or olive oil.
Quote  |  Reply's an awesome peanut butter replacement. If you're interested check out their website : . Like lorik said, they're just peanuts that have had the oil pressed out (plus a little salt and sugar).

I remember reading a post recently where someone said being forced to mix as you go really helped with portion control. I concur.
Thanks redflag, I looked at the website last night. I knew I had read in another post that you were a fan. I agree being forced to mix really puts what you are eating in a larger perspective and that is tempting. However, the whole powdered thing sort of gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason. Hmm, will think about it.
just had a tablespoon dry and it was nice at first, but then my mouth dried up and i couldnt taste anything :( im disapppointed xD
WOW!!!!!! peanut butter is a real weakness for me.  so much so that i litteraly can't eat it at all when dieting so this sounds GREAT to me.  i checked out the website and it looks pretty cool.
I have been thinking about ordering it, but haven't yet because the website says allow 6 weeks for delivery and I am moving and am afraid it will arrive after I move.  Can you guys tell me about how long it took for yours to arrive?

I'm a HUGE pb 2 fan. I've found that my order comes very quickly- in less than a week. I mostly use it the same way I'd use peanut butter - just mix up the 2 T w/1 T water and spread it on a sandwich, banana, whatever. But it's also great in smoothies, mixed with pudding (double Yum!) and used as a dip with fruit, etc. I don't care for it dry, though.
One tip: be sure your spoon is DRY before dipping it into the jar. Any moisture can make the rest of the pb2 in the container to get moldy quickly. My daughter ruined a jar I gave her to try that way.
I wish I could try this stuff since it sounds so awesome, but my mom probably wouldn't like the fact that I'd get it simply to cut fat and calories. ):

Please try it in cooking, I'm sure many others here including myself are DYING to know how it would aid in a batch of peanut butter cookies! :D OR, try a delicious peanut butter fudge recipe from Hungry Girl: hp?isid=978

Except, your version would be even LOWER in calories! O:

Also, if you want to experiment with something, try mixing a bit of the powder into black coffee. I don't know how it would taste, but coffee has like, no calories. Or, try adding a bit more water than recommended and drizzling on strawberries or apples.
just had a tablespoon dry and it was nice at first, but then my mouth dried up and i couldnt taste anything :( im disapppointed xD

Lol, small bites! small bites! Its great to eat dry, because its sooo hard to end up eating a ton (unlike normal peanut butter). You end up getting a dry mouth and its hard to keep eating lots of it.

But little bites are great for a quick peanut butter taste. Very very few calories and still get something nice whenever you feel like it (without the risk of really losing control or going overboard).
just tried it with adding water and it was DEFINENTLY a lot better!

When you measure out the tablespoon is it okay to "pack in" the powder? Or would that be "cheating" the system.

God, :D just had 8 tablespoons on my bread :D it was great. lol

Also-->does more water added to powder=more peanut butter volume?
Weigh it to be sure.

Hey hey, 8 tbsp - watch your sodium
This is why i hate some diet prodcuts.You can easily becom addicted
if i got PB2 it'd be so I coudl eat a normal amout of PB without sacrificng Other healthier fodos (cos of cals) or so I could have a decent amount (I'm fat intolerant) but the shipping to australia is more than the damn jars.
Are you sure its cheating? Isnt 2 tablespoons of powder 2 tablespoons? (dont got a scale)

I just had 8 tbs now since its the first time i can truly indulge :D xD 2 tblps from now on, promise =o xD
I got it and made an AWESOME garlic giner peanut sauce to put over chicken and broccoli.  It's great for cooking!
I think it's great for making a peanut sauce like meegmeg said. I've only tried baking with it once, and was a bit disappointed. I made cookies, and the peanut butter flavor didn't come through like I was hoping it would. It was there, just very faint.

Also-->does more water added to powder=more peanut butter volume?

Lol. Of course adding more liquid will add more volume. But of course, the more water you add, the runnier it will get. That is what I do when making peanut butter sauce for rice, vegetables, etc. If I'm using it as a spread I will usually add a small amount of extra water. But you have to be careful when you're adding the water cause it gets runny in a hurry.
Im a big fan of it runny if im using juice instead of water. Then i use bread and sop it up (kind of like a soup?). Carbinated juices work pretty well like that (i think the carbination adds a little something to it).
too watery=no taste, just realized that this morning xD

peanut butter+pita bread is simply amazing.

any other recipes?
i just got mine in yesterday...i am so happy i can eat "peanut butter" again. my family, who is against all my "weird" healthy eating habits even tried it and liked it. so happy!!!!
Can PB2 be ordered in Canada?  I'd love to try it.
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