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Why does PB2 get a "D?"

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So I was all excited about this new peanut butter that I found out about on this site called PB2, powdered peanut butter that has 75% Less Fat and ONLY 54 calories per 2Tbsp!!!!!!!  I went ahead and ordered some which I had to get 4 jars minimum.  I just got it and tried it right away and I really like it!  I go to enter it in my food log and it's not listed when I do a search, so I had to manually input it and then BAM! It displays a big ol' fat "D" as the nutrition   Why?
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were you able to include the nutrient information when you added it?

the grade is based on not just calories and not just fat, but also on the nutrients it contains...

OR, maybe it's a bad grade?  I don't think you can report a bad grade when it's a food you added....  hmmm
Yes, I entered all the information I could about it.  The good points that were listed was: No Cholesterol  and there was nothing listed for Bad Points?!?!?  That was the most confusing, you would think that if a food is given a "D" that they would at least list one bad point about it?!?!?
does it have a lot of sugar?
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only 1 gram of sugar per serving.  If anyone wants to know, you can find the Nutritional Info at Bell Plantation's site:

PB2 Nutritional Information

I recently bought 4 jars of PB2.  It's very good.   I picked it up after having Better'n Peanut Butter, which is good in it's own right, but has too much of a sweet taste to it for me personally.
ok, after looking at that nutritional info, the first thing that pops out at me is that 50% of the calories are from fat
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Now I'm confused...Skippy creamy peanut butter got a C grade.
I think it may be because the powder itself weighs very little per serving so having that much fat and sugar for not much weight could be why.  maybe try making the weight comparable to what other peanut butter weighs and see if the grade improves.
I agree with dancingurl about the ratio of powder to sugar. Does PB2 have any sodium? CC is brutal about grading foods higher in sodium.

I wouldn't pay much attention to it, anyway. If the nutrition facts on the label are good, then who cares what CC says? Also, one bad grade won't hurt your overall grade too much anyway.

Aaaaalso, I have a question about PB2. Does the jar come full with powder, or does it give you an amount, and you add water up to a certain mark where it makes the jar full? Also, how is the consistency compared to regular peanut butter?
Yeah, muttlover, you're right, who cares what CC grades it as, as long as I am under my daily calorie allowance, I'm happy.

P.S.  It has 94mg of sodium per serving (2Tbsp) so who knows, that may have something to do with it.  And, it comes in a small peanut butter jar full of powder and you just use a Tbsp measuring spoon to measure out 2Tbsp into a bowl and add 1Tbsp of water and just stir it until creamy.  The consistency, I think, is pretty comparable to if you were eating crushed up peanuts! Sorry that sounded kind of dumb, but I can't compare to regular pb cuz it's not as smooth feeling, it's creamy, but yet you can feel the powdered peanuts, er, I hope this doesn't confuse you!  All in all, for only 54cal per serving, I'm happy.  I actually prefer the taste of Better'n Peanut Butter, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT STUFF! But, if I can have more of the PB2 for less calories, well then so be it.  =) 
I created a recipe the other night that was nearly perfect health wise other than the sodium content and it got a c I think... I know sodium is bad for you, but overall, I think the rating system is a little flawed. But, if the calories are pretty close, I can work around the rest.
You can't add water to the whole jar, they say it will go bad. You actually have to scoop out a serving and then add the water. A little inconvienient, but the stuff's good!
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