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so lately, i've been hearing that WW pasta and white pasta arent much different at all, and that the only difference lies in the glycemic index. is this true? what about multi grain pasta btw, and brown rice pasta? which one is best??
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Well, the glycemic index, if you buy it, is the difference that matters.  How else would they be different?  They're both wheat flour.

"Multi grain" doesn't mean "whole grain"--stuff can have multiple grains in it, but they might all be super-processed (white flour, white rice, pearled barley, whatever) so you'll have to read labels to decide which you think is best.  White-flour noodles probably have the least going for them, though.

Try quinoa pasta. So much better.

This is the only ingredient listed in my whole-wheat rotini:

  • Durum whole wheat flour

This is from FDA:

"...whole durum flour (21 CFR 137.225) should be considered a whole grain flour because the flour contains all the parts of the grain, i.e., the bran, endosperm, and germ."

"We recommend that...products labeled "whole grain" be made entirely from whole durum flour."

Nope, neither are good!

Whole grain is just the lesser of two evils

eat pasta. not a lot, but eat it if you would like. i enjoy several small dishes a week. oh, and i also eat rice. white rice.


There no such thing as good pasta.

There no such thing as good pasta.

Whole wheat/brown pasta/rice are "better" because they have fiber. Other than that they are the same. I eat Barrilla Plus, which has, per 100 g of pasta, 67 g of carbs, 7 g of fiber, 17 g of protein, and 3.5 g of fat (3 of which are mono and poly unsaturated).


You gotta get your carbs from somewhere!

You should get your carbs from fruits and veggies! xD

Original Post by zombers:

You should get your carbs from fruits and veggies! xD


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