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What does papaya taste like?

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I just tried papaya for the first time and I noticed that it has a very unusual odor and taste/aftertaste.  It smells like feces/crap and has an aftertaste of what it smells like but it has a taste of bubblegum.  Is this totally out of ordinary to you?  What does your papaya taste like to you?  I'm still going to eat it because I like the bubblegum flavor and I watched Dr. Oz today and he said that eating papaya is good for your digestive tract so I'm going to give it a shot.  I just don't want my mouth to taste like crap after I'm done.

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have coffee on standby. haha. i've never felt like this but hey, if you like the taste of bubblegum then eat it. i like bubblegum and when it gets gross i put another piece in my mouth. so in the same way, before you get the icky aftertaste, put something else in your mouth. have a fruit platter and eat that first or something.

It's sweet and fruity.  Are you sure it was ripe?  Are you sure that was papaya?  To be sure of ripeness you can get it packed in a jar in the refrigerated produce section. 

Yeah... my papaya hasn't tasted like bubblegum either (and dear god I'd stay away from any food that smelled like crap), but then I know some people who think that wild strawberries taste like bublegum, so maybe it's just a personal thing?

I like my papaya with lemon juice sprinkled over it :-)

I saw the same Dr Oz show and since I have an intestinal system that doesn't contract due to past antidepressants I ran out and bought one. It was less than palatable, in my opinion, although I realize I may have gotten a poor one, or it got over-ripe or whatever. So I went on-line to find out what it should be like and discovered that tea from the leaves is suppose to be excellent. (Dr Oz actually recommended papaya juice as I recall, but I can't find it anywhere and don't have a juicer. So I am going to try to find the tea leaves.

I've never had a papaya that smelled like crap and tasted like bubblegum. I never noticed an aftertaste either. The fruit reminded me somewhat of peaches. It's hard to get good papayas around here, so I haven't found any in awhile.

For the person looking for the juice. Look in the orange juice section, there's usually an orange/papaya juice blend, Dole I think. Also look in the organic section or at a health food store.

Original Post by moonikins:

I've never had a papaya that smelled like crap and tasted like bubblegum. I never noticed an aftertaste either. The fruit reminded me somewhat of peaches. It's hard to get good papayas around here, so I haven't found any in awhile.

I agree exactly.  I can seldom find any kind of papaya around here, but have bought them in bigger towns or gotten them on-line; every papaya I have eaten has been quite tasty.  I would rank it equally with fresh pineapple and mangoes.

I bought frozen papaya from Trader Joe's and didn't like it at all! Maybe juice with papaya and other fruits would be more to my liking. Any suggestions on juice blends with papaya?
I can't really try juice because I'm diabetic. We get papayas in stores like FoodTown and Fiesta. Mine was probably over ripe. Mine didn't taste anything like pineapple or mangos or anything like that but boy did it help my digestive tract. I like the taste. I think I tried it once before and I hated it but I can't remember what it tasted like. It definitely was not that sweet, but it did taste like my extra sugarfree bubble gum flavored gum. It has a unique taste to it that is somewhat of an acquired taste.

I hated papaya before I went to Brasil and realized I had been eating them way under-ripe.  I find that the smell kind of reminds me of floral perfume for some reason but not the taste. If your chewing tropical flavored gum I could see the comparison.  It has a unique taste hard to describe sort of like very sweet melon but a totally different texture. They are perfect when they are soft to the touch but no rotten spots.  I see lots of terrible looking papaya being sold so I don't buy them often here.  The ones imported from Hawaii are often nice but tend to be on the expensive side.

Papaya is so good! i love fresh papaya, and i also get frozen from trader joe's if there is one by you?...that is really good, it tastes like a cross metween a mango and a honey dew melon, really juicy and sweet? so good!.... thats how i'd describe a papaya.... but sometimes the texture can be weird and soft if its not a good one, but papayas are really good when they are perfectly ripe, and no rotten spots, and a bit firm...good to know they are good for your digestive track i didnt know that before!


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If the papaya you're eating has an unusual taste and ordor - I would call it musky, you're eating a Mexican papaya.  Look for the label that says Caribbean red papaya, they're a different variety and you won't have the same eating experience.  They're a lot sweeter tasting and have a nice fragrance. 

well, I was unable to locate juice or the leaves for tea (I dont have a big city to shop in) but I did find chewable papaya digestive enzymes, so I am trying those. Hopefully they will have a positive effect on the GI tract!

I think the only Papaya we have here is Mexican, but I could be wrong.

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I bought papaya also after seeing it on Dr. Oz.   I bought it on a whim in a store and didn't realize it should be more yellow than green. So I put it in a paper bag and a week later (today) it was yellow.  So I went online to see how to prepare it.  I did everything and then tasted it and I thought it was not very appealing.  Almost had a coffee taste (which I don't drink coffee).  But I ate a few more slices.  So I am guessing I bought a Mexican Papaya. I will definitely look for the Caribbean red variety.  I would have never known there was a difference.

I love papaya, but I find that it can smell like a foot if it's overripe.

I find that the hawaiian ones are usually reliable though, and same goes for caribbean red. 


Gross, mushy, and too sweet. 

If you don't like it, don't force yourself to eat it. There are much more nutritious fruits to eat that are lower in sugar and higher in fiber. 

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don't even touch that ****, its lethal. it makes your breath smell like nappies, for example, huggies dry night, I literally cant stand this ****, I cannot even cope with the aftertaste..  where the fudge did you get aftertaste of bubblegum!? you need to see a doctor if you think that it tastes like fudging bubblegum!  it tastes more like crusty bum hole and that's the truth!


I do not recommend this stuff! its sick bled!

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I totally agree with the above post.  I ate papaya for the first time.  I smelled it first and I should have known not to try it after smelling it.  It tastes absolutely horrible.  We ended up throwing the whole thing away.  I will never knowingly eat a papaya again.  By the way, I did not get a bubble gum taste either.  It was yuck!!!!


Never felt so.

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