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2 oz of Pasta

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I know this has been asked before (we need a converter added to tools).. what does 2 oz of rotini pasta look like?
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hey there is a unit converter! I just noticed it a few days ago. Go to tools, then 'recipes', then 'unit converter' ;)

oops, tried it and it didn't is good for converting volume to volume (T to cups, etc.) or weight to weight (oz to grams, etc.) but not so good for converting weight to volume. Makes sense, but disappointing none-the-less. Try looking on the package for volume to weight equivalencies. sigh.

I use this site alot.

But better, I would suggest a scale. You can get one cheap for under like $15. I think this site has one some where to purchase.
Thanks so much!
basically 2oz of uncooked pasta is 1 cup of cooked pasta, I find it's easier to measure the cooked pasta - I usually cook 1/2 lb of pasta and divide it into portions then
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