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How much is an oz of cheese?

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how big is an ounce of cheese? I ate a grilled cheddar cheese sandwich w. some soup for lunch today and i have noooo idea how many ounces to write down. I think an ounce might be a slice of cheese, but how thick is a slice?

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it's about a cubic inch.

an ounce is supposedly like the size of your thumb although I don't buy that because everyones thumbs are different. Your best bet is to get a scale and weigh it out, but if you can't just estimate a little on the high side for safety. Unless you had a really thick slice of cheese, an ounce is a safe bet.

I think on here it generally counts a slice as 1oz, but it would depend on how thin or thick the slices are.  If it's an average-sized slice then it will likely be about 1oz.

thanks for the feedback! 

i always assume that by "1 slice" they mean one slice of kraft plastic cheese, you know?  because aa slice off a block of deli cheese could be anything.

the palm of your hand is a size of a serving of protine.. chicken fish beef

the size of your fist is a serving of rice.. pasta... vegggies.

the size of your thumb, yes your thumb is a cheeze portion.  its just a questimate but its a good rule of thumb.. no pun intended.. hope this helps


Most places use 2 oz of cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich, don't forget to add oil/butter too...the ones on texas toast are usually 3 oz.

The pre-packaged cheese slices I have in my fridge vary in size by brand... a slice can be anywhere from 20 - 28 grams (28 g = 1 oz) .. I think it is safe to assume that a slice is an ounce unless you can take a look at the package and it states otherwise.

I heard a good estimate for hard cheese: 1 oz = the size of 3 stacked dice.

I bought a $6 scale to weigh my servings though.

A 1 oz piece of cheese should be no larger than your pointy finger. In the dairy section of your grocer should have 1oz serving sizes packaged in a bag by Kraft and other brands. I re think about the pointy finger I feel that Louise may be more accurate (thumb size).


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