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Is overeating fruit / vegetable bad?

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Well lets say today Ive eaten 4 apples, more than 10 cups vegetable.. (probably 2lbs+ vegetable).. and thats not just for today I eat like that everyday.. of course I eat protein and other stuff too but just wondering if this is bad..

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Fruits, I don't think you should eat a lot of. They do have a hell lot of sugar, even though it's fructose. People think that just because it's natural, it's okay. That's bull. Don't binge on fruit. Of course, it's good for you, but too much of anything is bad.


Vegetables... well, I don't think any human is blessed with the capacity to overeat vegetables. Feel free to eat as much as you want; in terms of calories, eating vegetables is like eating air. Unless you're eating starchy ones like corn and potatoes.

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I tend to eat 3 to 4 fruits a day now

And about 2- 3 servings (2/3 cup = 1 serving) of green beans

And about 2 servings (1 serving = 3oz.) of broccoli

I eat them with chicken or turkey breast and they fill me up plus give me some good nuritents and carbs.

I have heard 5 servings a day of a combo of fruits and veggies is roughly an average to eat.


Make sure you are getting good fats as well like either in a supplement or from a food source. The key is balanced meals as well.

That's not a completely exorbitant amount of fruit.  Especially if you're active (running, cardio, etc.).  I try to get about that many servings-minimum-of fruits daily, I just usually eat several different types of fruits instead of all one kind.

In my nutrition class we have studied food guide pyramids, which are very helpful to use as guides when losing weight, especially if you are just starting out. The Mayo Clinic's food guide pyramid suggests unlimited daily allowances of fruits and vegetables, so if you were to follow that guide you would be okay. The USDA's food pyramid tells you how much of each to eat depending on sex, height, and weight, so that would vary. I would say use your best judgment but you more than likely aren't doing any harm to your body in eating all those fruits and vegetables. It's a hell of a lot better than other people in this country who eat 2 lbs. + of fattening, greasy foods on a daily basis.

 You sound like me...and I also eat that EVERY day!  I have eaten at least 4 apples a day since apple season started about 3 weeks ago.  And I eat about 2-3 BAGS of frozen veggies a day, plus fresh veggies daily.

I know fruit has a lot of sugar, and you do have to watch the calories, but sugar won't hurt you as long as you are aware of the calories it contains.  I don't think your body really cares if the carbs you get come from sugar (fruit) or starch (grains).  And both have fiber.

In fact, you are getting a HECK of a lot of fiber.  That might lead to some digestive excitement.  That would be the only drawback I can think of...

Lately, I became aware that I am not getting enough fat, so be sure that if you are consuming so much produce, you are also getting everything else your body needs.  Other than that, I wouldn't stress out.  I'm certainly not going to change my eating habits.  Fruits and veggies are my favourite foods!


...the Weight Watchers Core Plan (it's less popular than the point-oriented Flex Plan) has a specific list of food, and you're allowed to eat as much as you want!  You get a little "binge" allowance of normal foods, but in very controlled portions.

Basically, the Core Plan food list is plain veggies, fruits, I think maybe you're allowed to have whole wheat for one meal...

I dunno, I'm not on it.

But you can pretty much eat however much you want because everything is so NOT packed with calories and is very raw and unprocessed.

Thus, if you snacked on raw or steamed veggies - you know, ones that haven't soaked up gallons of oil - you should be fine.  :D


Fruit is AMAZING for you, but it's SO potent.  4 apples is fine, but like...8 oranges wouldn't be.  The citric acid gives you acne if you eat too much of it because it needs a way out of your body, fast.  Too much citrus can also ruin your stomach.  And one banana has about 110 calories - which is sort of heavy, say, if you had four of them.  Berries are pretty liberal, though.

Well, I think eating vegetables such as green veggies has so low cals that it's, like someone said, "eating ir". Fruits are healthy but eating too much isn't recommended either. I'm a weight loss programme thay recommended 3 fruits max. for people trying to lose weight, but they were obese. I think for a normal weight person 4 isn't an excess of fruits.

None of us got fat by eating too many vegetable or fruit.  Keep that in mind.

The only thing I can think of that might be a disadvantage, is that learning portion control is essential for lifelong weight management.  If you don't stuff yourself, you get used to having less in your stomach and that carries through to higher calorie foods.  But if you  have to fill up, then vegetables are great.

I lost 20lbs by eating a pound of diced fruit for breakfast every day for two months. Pineapple, apples, melon, mango, grapes and strawberries. I would definitely recommend replacing fruit and veggies for unhealthy snacks, even if it means eating 4-5 apples daily. It for sure beats 4-5 chocolate bars, bags of chips, cookies etc. As long as your digestive system can handle it, I think you're fine.

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